August 27, 2009

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Hi there - My name is Brian but you can call me Chezfat. :)

I write for eHow, InfoBarrel, Xomba, a multitude of article submission sites, as well as a good handful of personal blogs. My main blogs are How To Live A Longer Life and this blog you are reading

I have a day job but hope to one day work from home. My goals in life are to go into personal finance and freelance work. I do not want to be swamped so building up a streak of residual income is a must for my life. To build up my residual income, eHow, InfoBarrel, Xomba, niche blogging, and article marketing will be a major part of the plan. Eventually I will be introducing a significant chunk of my time to dividend investing and money management as proper long-term investing is the foundation for long-term passive income.

I have many interests and will share some of those with you in time I'm sure. To start off with I'm a big fan of medicine, health, and fitness. I'm a junkie for anything business, economics, and finance related as I fully intend on going into personal finance work when I get fully chartered as a CFA. I LOVE fine wine and gourmet cuisine; and I enjoy golfing and bowling especially.

Anyway, that's a bit about me. I hope you enjoy this blog and more importantly I hope you find some value in it. This site will chronicle a lot of my efforts to build different residual income streams and i will also serve as a launching pad for some of my projects. At the same time I hope to be able to teach others to do what I'm doing as we all have to learn somewhere.

Not all posts on this site will be blogging and article driven but in the early days I suspect this will be the bulk of my efforts. As money starts rolling in I'm sure I will begin discussing capital reinvestment and dividend investing. Those topics however will likely not come up for some time.

Lastly, if you are social and into these kinds of things, hit me up on Google+ as well as all the other networks on my sidebar.

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  1. Dear Brian
    I liked your blog very much. I also write for Xomba which is a wonderful site. I've submitted several bookmarks ansd articles scoring about 130 points. I don't know how much earning this will yield to. We should be advised by somebody how to increase traffic to our posts. Again I congratulate you for starting your impressive blog. Best Regards.

  2. Hey Brian,

    Ryan here from InfoBarrel. I saw you post something about Post Runner on the IB forum but can't find any way to signup or get more info... could you fire me an email with the details.

    Send me your ref link too.

    I don't want to post my email publicly, so here is my personal contact form


  3. Brian:

    I started with InfoBarrel back in April 2010 and have a GREAT respect for Kevin & Ryan for their customer centric approach to business and the community spirit they foster on the site.

    Around June/July 2010 I had an extended assignment that (regrettably) took me away from my online writing activities. This assignment will soon be completed, providing me more free time to continue with my InfoBarrel activities.

    I recently read your article about Profitable Keywords on InfoBarrel, which re-invigorated my interest in participating with the site and re-establish communications with the quality group of folks I've met in the Community Forum.

    Thank you for being that catalyst!!

    The link that re-sparked my interest:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights!



    "slimjim270" (InfoBarrel)

  4. Hi Brian, I have something I would love to run past you, what is the best way to contact you?

  5. That's great to hear Jim - I hope your earnings start giving you inspiration soon too. :) I'll see you around in the comments and forums.

  6. @fredrico - sorry I missed your comment - I had a few that slipped by me over the holiday break - I hope you haven't forgotten what was on your mind - you can contact me at brian at howtolivealongerlife dotcom


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