August 27, 2009

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This site is all about the journey of writing online for both residual income and passive income.I started my career in this line of work in May of 2009 knowing nothing and reading and learning a ton.  I started first with a blog on human longevity (which I still maintain).  It was my first baby and I did a lot of things wrong from the get go. 

Once I started to learn what I was doing I began to write for eHow and started  This was my first foray into true content publication and monitization.  This blog was originally going to chronicle my journey on eHow but it quickly was rebranded to chronicle my overall internet empire.

My Early Days - 2009 & 2010

I wrote my first eHow article on the 17th of August 2009 and began my first major blogging project on May 11, 2009. This blog was formed in late August 2009 under the title "The eHow Journey" which I renamed the first week of October 2009 to it's current name and URL.And in November 2009 I joined InfoBarrel where I quickly started making the bulk of my online income in those early years - you can see my InfoBarrel profile here.

Since that time I have joined a few other revenue sharing websites. The names of them have chnaged a lot over the years as most of them have come and gone - many no longer exist today. Few have had any lasting value for the duration of my time online.

By March of 2010 I was making some progress in my residual income goals but it wasn't until then when I became a paying member of The Keyword Academy when my income started taking off.  I knew a lot of what I was doing by then but the tools provided through membership were and still are invaluable to my revenue growth.

In 2010 I also stared a few additional blogs, including a site on diabetic shoes which I discussed at length her on the blog way back in the day. Over the subsequent years I've since built lots and lots of sites in many different niches and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Animal Attacks

2012 was a wake up call to me as it was to many people online when the animal attacks started. I lost a good chunk of my income in many different places around the web but I wasn't devastated at like like many people were.

I took this as an opportunity to continue what I was doing but in a more strategic manner. It took some time to recover but by late 2013 I was making more than ever before using tactics that weren't so blatantly bad. Quality in my stuff improved and I stopped a lot of spammy link building. This stuff still works folks.

The Future - 2014 & Beyond 

In the future I hope to continue building even bigger, better, and more profitable websites and it would pretty amazing to be able to replace my wife's regular income with with my online empire - I'm certainly making good progress this year! :D This site will continue chronicle that process a little at a time and I will do my best to teach you how to do the same whenever I'm feeling generous. :)

I hope you find value in what I have to say. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I moderate comments once in a blue moon so the best way to get a hold of me is through email which is found on my contact page. Even better though would be to join the forum and get involved. I always show up there and can always be reached in threads and PMs.

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  1. I came here via way of Felicia's blog. I posted an article on InfoBarrel months ago and wondered why I never saw a penny in Adsense revenue for it. I discovered yesterday that I never linked my article to Adsense. Duh!

    Maybe I'll give it another try. I already see a lots of articles I want to read here.

  2. Ohh no! At least it's a simple fix. :) Just remember, as with most sites, if you post clusters of articles on similar topics and interlink them they'll naturally fare better. Good luck - I hope you see some positive results in your next attempt and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey Chezfat, digging your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Zack Proser from IB

  4. Hey Chezfat, JasonB here from over on the Pond. Stumbled on your site so thought I'd have a look around. I've got year one under my belt and I've learned A TON. The most useful of which I think was learned in the past month so it's time for me to get moving.


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