October 28, 2009

You Can Get Dofollow Backlinks With Squidoo!

Last Updated 10/11/2014

As of early Fall 2014 Squidoo no longer exists. Consequently any statements made in this original article about Squidoo are now antiquated and not applicable any longer. Furthermore the concept of link building as it was originally written about in the Fall of 2009 is vastly different. Simply linking to yourself all over the net is not exactly helpful... unless you are doing it in a more "interesting" way.

As an ongoing theme here this past week I’m going to continue discussing the concept of obtaining dofollow anchored backlinks to help serp rankings for your money making articles and blogs. In my first post in this short series I discussed predominantly the concept of the anchored backlink and why it is important. My last post was on the topic of building anchored backlinks with content websites and in it I discussed how content sites can provide quality backlinks which point to your money making articles. In that past I referenced an ongoing experiment of increasing SERP rank for a friend’s eHow article. What I didn’t say however was that those backlinks aren't going to do any good if Google and the other search engines don’t know about them.

What Good Are Anchored Backlinks...

Let’s say I’m trying to build residual income. That is the whole point after all. If you are reading this you should be in this frame of mind as well. You are no going to significantly build residual income unless your money-making articles and blogs get to the top of the SERPs. To do this we need to send dofollow backlinks at them which are properly anchored with the proper keywords. Tying this all together however those backlinks won’t help our money makers rank better unless the backlinks are indexed.

In my last post I mentioned Squidoo. This is a “content website” where you can make webpages (lenses) which are on any topic you choose. You can code links into the text which link out to your money-makers. The links are dofollow backlinks and therefore they are quite valuable. Now some will say that Squidoo can be used for making money; and yes this is true, but for my purposes the backlinks are the real gems because they can make anything a money maker… especially sites and pages in which you do not have to profit share with a middle man. Adsense revenue does not get split if your money-makers are personal blogs, and if Adsense revenue is not split then your potential for residual income is much greater.

...If They're Not Indexed?

Trying to stay on track here. In my last post my friend's Squidoo Lens pointed back to her eHow article (yes this is still a profit sharing system – just disregard that aspect – pretend the Lens is pointing to a personal blog if you need too). The eHow article is was already generating traffic and with the lens giving her a dofollow backlink, her money-making article will rank higher in the SERPs… but only if the lens and the link to her article is indexed. That is why it is important to support your backlinks with more backlinks. You’ll notice I did this for my friend in my last post by linking to her Squidoo Lens from this blog. Because this blog is indexed by Google the link in her Lens will be indexed and her SERP rank for the money-making article will improve in time.

Backlinking Strategies

This is why it is important to have at least two blogs. This why many people writing online for residual income have large networks of blogs. They strategically send dofollow backlinks to each other and to the various related content sites and online articles to pass indexing and PR (page rank) to the money-makers. The blogs sending dofollow backlinks may or may not have much PR but with them being indexed already the whole process speeds up. In some cases action of some kind is the only way to get content articles indexed.

I’ve discussed on numerous occasions already here on this blog that I have another flagship blog on health and longevity. To some extent this site supports that longevity blog by sending anchored dofollow backlinks to it from the occasional page. This blog also sends backlinks to some of my old eHow articles... as well as to friends who I am supporting and various other online content pages that are relevant to learning how to earn residual income online. This blog also serves the purpose of helping my content articles with indexing.

Squidoo Lens Experiment

I recently setup three lenses on Squidoo for the purpose of building dofollow backlinks to my longevity blog. The lenses are in place and published with optimized backlinks but none of the the lenses are indexed by Google yet. Interestingly a couple of the lenses were initially indexed but then fell out of the index a couple days later. With these lenses not indexed the dofollow backlinks contained in them aren't working very hard for my cause.

My first Lens at Squidoo titled Health, Longevity, and Aging, actually backlinks in to my Goarticles article (check it out) but the Lens hasn't been viewed yet because it still isn't indexed in Google after eight days. The backlinks in the article are dofollow but Google can’t follow them yet because it doesn't know they exist.

Supporting my Squidoo Lenses (above) and various content articles such as Live A Longer Life posted over at the article directory SelfGrowth, with a backlink from an indexed blog (like this one) will get these pages indexed and get those backlinks working for me, building my residual income streams one backlink at a time.

Stacking Dofollow Backlinks

This is just another illustration as to how to use dofollow backlink strategies in your favor. This blog has directly supported my main longevity blog with backlinks and now it has supported my content website writings on Squidoo and SelfGrowth which indirectly support my main flagship blog (i.e. the money maker).

Last night as an experiment I even posted another Squidoo lens on FSBO MLS Listings to see if this hastily crafted lens could help my SERP rank for my two eHow articles on MLS Listings. The lens is not yet indexed nor is it fully published but with a link from this post the process will likely be much quicker.  The irony is that this blog in posts past has already linked directly to both of my MLS related eHow articles. This blog it seems is a workhorse as it is supporting so many things on the web; including my readers needs as well as my friend's.
Update 10/29/09: My FSBO MLS Squidoo Lens (link above) is now indexed in Google; it took less than a day.

Internet Marketing

So how do you build dofollow backlinks to your money-makers? Make a Squidoo lens or anything else online that offers dofollow backlinks and link into it; and then support that dofollow backlink with indexed backlinks from other sources. That's pretty much it.  Rinse and repeat.

How is my friend’s indexing for her lens which I linked to two days ago? It’s indexed. See screenshot.

If it links to her eHow article (the money-maker) it will help bunches.

Start yourself up an account with Squidoo and use it to backlink to your money-makers and then support those dofollow backlinks, lenses, and articles with indexing from another supporting blog (i.e. non-money-maker) or other previously indexed articles.  Go do it; I've been doing it every day recently.

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  1. Thanks for your valuable information!
    Certainly we all have our own priorities, lifestyles, and goals, but there are ways to measure success in our life that are healthier than others. It also depends on what we use to measure these different valued achievements. I like SEO and most important aspect in SEO is Keywords. I think blog commenting is great if you stick to just a few that you actually can contribute knowledge to.

  2. Thats really nice, it is the good way to gain backlinks, i like the idea to make a chain to get the backlink from dofollow, Thanks for explaining..

  3. Yet another post/blog talking about dofollow and uses nofollow in comments. And check out the first commentator trying to optimize for "internet" keyword with some auto comment tool lol, good luck with that. Still, his site is doing well from what i see.
    Anyway, aside all this, this is GREAT post. This is something that 99% of people never do and something that seo experts dont share that often, making backlinks for articles/blogs or whatever that has backlinks to their primary site, or/and making blog network. It's a whole separate chapter in seo but you summarized it very well. Good post.

  4. Adding to the above Anonymous poster...

    The first commenter has 78,000 + inbound links to his/her site (ref: Yahoo Site Explorer) which highlights the value of a structured article marketing campaign.

    Brian - this was a great read and very informative. Thank you!

    The use of dofollow links to support your 1st level dofollow links is a great technique for building "heritage".

    I wish you the best of luck building your residual (retirement) income streams.

    Thanks for sharing your insights along the way.

  5. Ha, yeah, blog commenting on nofollow blog comment sections certainly is going to have a limited affect - especially if you are going after a short term like "internet" all by itself. :) Best of luck to you too Jim.

  6. I was going to ask if squidoo's profile page gives do follow backlinks? There is place to put links and anchor text links, so i was wandering if thy are dofolow.

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