January 23, 2014

How To Make Money Extremely Fast Using Bubblews

Alright guys I want this post to be short and sweet but I know it's going to be a bit longer. This always happens to me.

For the longest time I've believed that any real money made online takes some investment and/or some time but with Bubblews I'm seeing a site that can create small bits of cash very quickly and it doesn't require any significant skill, experience, or financial investment.

Don't get me wrong, for the most part your Bubblews experience is not going to be full of large chunks of passive income but by doing a little ground work now you can have a place on Bubblews that can get you money deposited into your PayPal account in as little as a a week to 10 days.

You can sign up for Bubblews right here and get started immediately (aff link) but I suggest you read this post before signing up. It will help you spend your time there more efficiently.

How Bubblews Works To Earn You Money

On Bubblews you get paid for page view, page "like", comments, and for every social social share you get on your articles. This is cool since a lot of this is in your control. You can post the article and then share it on five different platforms. The catch here is that you can't share your own article twice on the same platform.

In any event by publishing you can make $0.05 right off the bat by sharing and since every post can be as long as only 400 characters you should be able to make $0.50 in about a half hour's time if you really wanted to.

That's Not Much

I know, that's not a lot but it takes very little effort and if you have followers on Bubblews (they call them connections) then they will increase your earnings by viewing your articles and interacting with them.

For instance if you have a lot of followers and you can reliably cound on 50 of those followers viewing your article within a day of publishing it then that will give you an extra $0.50.

If 30 of them hit the "like" button then that's another $0.30.

If 20 of them leave a comment then that's another $0.20.

And if any of them share your article socially then you get more plus the earnings that the share generates in additional page views from social networks.

With lots of interactive followers you can reliably post a single paragpah of text and get nearly immediate compensation in excess of a dollar and still have the opportunity to earn on that post for the forseeable future.

Obviously you can see that you're going to make considerably more money on Bubblews if you have lots of connections that are deeply involved in commenting and social sharing. If you have lots of inactive connections or connections that only occasionally view an article an no more then your income will be a bit less overall.

We Don't Have All The Time In The World So We Must Work Efficiently

If we had all the time in the world we would connect with everyone, read all their articles, like them, comment on them, and share them socially. By hanging out on Bubblews 20 hours every day commenting on everyone and trying to cultivate relationships with everyone under the sun certainly will work. You'll amass a ton of connections and get lots of earnings but seriously, no one has that kind of time.

Because we all have a limited amount of time to invest into a site like this I suggest taking a different approach. Go for the best bang for your buck. Shoot for the best connections possible and let all other connections accumulate without your prodding.

Why would we invest our networking time chasing any old follower when we can chase only those connections that are active on all levels? This to me seems like the best way to generate connections without letting the site rule our lives. To each his own however.

How To Build The Right Bubblews Connections

It is much more time consuming for a Bubbler to comment on an article than it is for the same Bubbler to just hit the like button and the social sharing barrier is even greater. If you look at any popular article over there you'll see it has more page views than anything else, followed by likes, followed by comments, followed by social shares.

If you head over to social media and search for Bubblers who share then these are the best connections to network with and connect with. And of the social networks the easiest one to research in Twitter.

Use Twitter To Build Your Bubblews Connects The Smart Way

When you hit the tweet button on a Bubblews page you'll see the tweet is automatically populated with the hashtag #bubblews. If you head over to search Twitter for that hashtag then you'll see a large list of the most recent tweets using that hashtag, most are people hitting the tweet link from the Bubblews articles pages.

Twitter Search for #bubblews: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23bubblews&src=typd

As I look this list over right now I see a huge amount of tweets with new tweets coming in every minute. Of those there lots of different users I see and by clicking on a few of the urls tweeted out I quickly find a user tweeting a link someone else's content. This is a user you need to connect with and network with as they are highly interactive with the people they follow.

Who is it? Oddly enough it's Deborah75, someone I've known for a long time on InfoBarrel and someone with whom I've connected with on Bubblews already.

The point here is that you can use this technique to find a few users every day who do lots of interacting. Although Deborah will not tweet out every post of mine she may just tweet it out on occasion and that's what I want.

Find Bubblews Users That Comment A Ton

As much as social sharing will help you get more money there will be more people out there who will comment on your stuff frequently than there will be people who share it socially. If you can find the Bubblers who comment a lot then you'll find a person worth getting to know. This person is more likely than other users to view your article and like it because to comment these other actions are extremely easy to do.

How To Find Bubblers That Comment A Lot?

One very simple way of finding these people is to do a simple Google search for them. Of course you can't find them by search for "heavy Bubblews commentors" you have to search strategically.

By dropping this into Google:

inurl:bubblews.com/account/ "comments 10000..200000"

You will find any users profiles that have accumulated between 10k and 200k comments on their articles. Although there's no way to see how many of them they left for others you can assume if they have that many comments on their articles then they have commented plenty on other people's articles as well.

Just change the numbers to find different ranges.

Want to find new users that are comment heavy? Try this one?

inurl:bubblews.com/account/ "comments 1000..200000" "joined: January * 2014"

Doing this search I see there are 3 total users who've joined in January of this year and still amassed 1000+ comments on their articles. You can be sure I'll be connecting with these three in short order.

Play around with search operators and you'll be amazed at what intelligence you can gather.

Drop Comments On The Posts Of People With LOTS of Followers Right Away

This one needs to be done with tact. You shouldn't be spamming but if you follow a handful of people who have many thousands of followers and manage to get an early comment that is somewhat insightful then more people will head over to your profile to check you and your stuff out.

The point here is not to get random followers but to get the one's that scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to read the comments. People who read comments are going to be more likely to leave comments themselves. By being one of the first comments and being helpful/insightful then you will stand out and get more of the right eyeballs on your profile and posts.

Have You Given Bubblews A Try?

I get very very little for promoting Bubblews ($0.20 for your first post) so don't take this the wrong way but if you do head over and setup an account I think you'll enjoy it. It's super easy to make a buck there and you don't feel like you are working at all.

Do stick to my ideas about networking in the most efficient way possible though... unless of course you plan on letting Bubblews rule your life.

There's money over there and a good community so have at it!

Do you have any other tips for making good connections over there efficiently? Let me know in the comments. I'm sure there's lots of people who would be just as interested as me.

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  1. You know, I started on Bubblews a while back and sort of gave up on it. Some of these tips might help me get back into it. I could just set a timer for say - 20 minutes and get to it once a day.

    1. If you really wanted to spend the least amount of time on it as possible then yeah, you could jump on for 20 minutes and post as many 400 word masterpieces as you could bust out and then call it a day but I don't think you'd make much more than a buck a day or so for a long time. If you work your butt off to get a decent following for a week or two then you can do a bit better I think.

      I really only started "really trying to connect" with people over the past 36 hours or so and it looks like it's going to pay off so long as I keep it up for another week or two. It's work but it's a lot easier and less mind numbing that other kinds of work we get ourselves into.

      I imagine in a bout a month I will be able to login for just a small portion of time every day and make $5-$10 or so. We shall see I suppose.

      I am also really curious to see if any of my Bubblews posts start ranking for long tail keywords. If they do then the recurring income side of this site will start to be a big benefit. I won't know unless I experiment and find out.

  2. Very thorough piece on BUbblews thanks find me @DannyHauger on there!!

  3. new bubbles auto connector video tutorial just watch guys very easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt0b6c1oEfQ


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