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It's the 21st century. We live in the age of information. Unlike the industrial revolution where manufacturing was king we now rely on information (overload) to power our society forward.

What does this mean?

It means that the modern economy is open to everybody. No longer do you need massive amounts of capital to make it big. All you need is a platform and an audience and luckily platforms are easy and cheap to come by and an audience can be found relatively easy.

In this day and age the barriers to entry are small, all it takes is some motivation, some pro-activity, and a little know-how.

I have been making modest sums of cash completely online for about three years now. Below is an index of various techniques that just about anyone can implement today and for little if not any investment other than time.

Make Money As An Online Publisher

This is the easiest place to start. Anyone can be a publisher. It costs essentially nothing to start and you can choose any number of platforms as a launching pad.

The easiest place to start is to setup an account on a self-publishing site and begin to build up a published portfolio. I recommend a handfull of sites to start such as: - InfoBarrel is a revenue sharing website that has a major content filter. You can't just publish anything there and the quality of your work has to be fairly high. This keeps the site pretty clean and the writers there tend to be of a little higher caliber than other revenue share writing sites that have come and gone.

The premise of this site is that you join and then write articles on topics of your choosing. The longer and more documented the better. If they are low enough in quality they do not serve up ads and the author and site generates no revenue for them. If the quality is high ads are served and you share in the revenue your articles generate.

If you want to build up a good sized library of articles you can do it here easily and make recurring income off of past articles for a good long time. This is a great place to start. You can join InfoBarrel through my referral link here.

You can also check out this post for a more substantial review of InfoBarrel.

Other good sites to explore include Squidoo, Seekyt, and Wizzley. I may expand on these at a later date.

In short however, each of these sites will allow you to publish whatever you like (within site guidelines) and will even allow you to take the lion's share of the advertising revenue that your publications generate.

>>>>>From Here On This Post Is WIP - It Will Be Completed At A Later Date<<<<<

Make Money Running A Blog

Much like publishing for established sites you can start your own site from scratch and run the entire show. This gives you complete control over the look and functionality of your site but also gives you the added headache of running the technical side of things as well.

Most publishers prefer owning the site outright and for good reason too. Control. The headaches can be dealt with and they usually aren't that big of a deal once you setup maintenance systems.

You can read more about my thoughts on setting up and running your own blog here (when I get the page published at least).

Make Money Self Publishing Books

To be continued...

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