February 13, 2014

American Freelance Article Writer For Hire

Brian Chezfat here and I'm looking for work. :)

For my normal day-to-day readers this may come as a surprise but I an opening a few new doors in my career online. I'm dipping my toes into freelance ghostwriting.

Be it content marketing, SEO articles, or basic blog posting; I'm open and willing to get your job done quickly and professionally.


For people who are new to me and my activities across the web you should know that I've been at this game for a while now, since 2009 to be exact and I make the bulk of my income owning and running a collection of websites monetized by affiliate offers and contextual advertising. I specialize in producing content that draws relevant traffic to websites while also expanding the overall authority of the website for it's target market.

I am not a huge fan of the traditional sales page either. I like to saturate a market with information that users are searching for and then provide short lists of products that can be solutions to their needs or problems. I find this to be a very effective way to make a living.

Having said that writing content for my own websites can get lonely and I do look forward to working with others on joint ventures. I enjoy helping other people out with their projects and find it to be a break from the mundane aspects of my own projects.

You can read more about me on my bio page but to summarize let me say this. I am an American who speaks native English. I write in conversational tone on most websites I run; it's most natural to me and it's how I produce my best content.


I hold a Business Degree and I obtained my MBA a few years later after working for almost 10 years in mortgage compliance for a large regional bank. I started dabbling in internet marketing near the end of my tenure at the bank and it is now my full time profession.

I know how to write content for the web and for real human readers. I can SEO a site or a piece of content so that it gets regular search traffic and although I can't ever guarantee results I have a track record of success. I was successfully attaining blog traffic in 2009 and 2010 prior to the implementation of Google Panda & Penguin and I've started successful websites in the post-penguin era that also receive lots of converting search traffic.

One of my most successful sites was created in 2013 and it benefitted greatly with the implementation of Google's Hummingbird update.

My Intentions

Until early 2014 I've never opened up my writing (or skills) for hire. Even now I do not want to become a full time ghostwriter or service provider but I do want to add it to my portfolio as an option to you. To maintain a manageable workflow and to limit orders to people who are serious about quality and results I'll be offering those services for the foreseeable future at a premium rate - something reflective of my level of expertise.

I will work with you on your writing project in all confidence and will treat the project as tactfully and skillfully as I treat my own projects.

For the time being I will be facilitating all of my writing gigs via Fiverr Gigs and Gig Extras.

You can see my gigs through the following links.

Ultra Short Blog Posts: ~100 Words ($5)

If you need ultra short pieces produced that are unique, interesting, helpful, but mainly "to the point" then this is the gig for you. In fact this is the base gig for all my services. You will have to buy this gig even if you want a 1200 word article - it's the way Fiverr works. Buy the small gig and pay for the gig extras to get what you actually want.

*Introductory Special*
As an introductory offer to my services if you order this gig today I will produce any article you need in any tone you wish up to 800 words in exchange for an honest review on the Fiverr platform.

Yes, the gig states 100 words but for the time being (unless you explicitly state otherwise) I will provide you a longer article based on your topic, desired article title, or set of keywords in the vicinity of 500-800 words. Once the introductory period expires this length of article will cost substantially more. Get it while it's on sale folks!


As more gigs are setup I will update this page. Please, if you are interested at all in exploring a working relationship with me you can get in connect with me via email. All orders are placed through the Fiverr system unless the order is custom and agreed upon via email.

If you want me to add any specific types of services you can shoot those ideas to me via email and I may add them to my Fiverr portfolio of gigs offered.

Lastly, I'd like to reserve the comment form on this post for reviews or testimonials. If you have questions fire them at me via email and if need be I'll append questions that might have broad appeal to the bottom of this post along with my answers. Thanks.

My email is brian@chezfat.com and I'm looking forward to working with you on your projects.

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