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The Chezfat 'Brand'

These day's blogging and internet marketing is more about building brand than ever before. Even for a blogger like myself who chooses to remain semi-anon I still need a brand and I still need a reputation to make it work. We all need a home online and this is it for me.

Despite the fact that I, as a blogger, internet marketer, and an small business web marketing consultant make the lion's share of my income on other pieces of internet property this is an excellent place for me to share with you what I do and to help those who care to follow along.

If you read much of my archives you'll find that I share a lot about what I do in relatively great detail. Many of my projects do remain private however and as such I only share on my terms.

Similarly because I am not blogging to gain notoriety in the bloggers world I do not place a lot of emphasis on flashy blog posts. many of my posts will be cluttered with a lot of words as that is what I do best. You may get some sub-headings from time to time and the occasional screenshot but don't count on a lot of this.

My Goals & Probably Your Goals Are Building Residual Income

Overall I am like a lot of people int his world - I want to make money while I sleep. I don't really want to have to get up and work at a normal job to make a buck. Residual Income is what I'm after. I'm all about working hard - I just want the work I do today to keep paying me down the road.

If you want to make good and stable residual income too then feel free to follow along with my blog here and the projects I share with my readers here on this blog. I do link out to affiliate offers and and affiliate signup links but I usually do so because I actually use the products myself. I make good money online and these are the tools I use.

If you feel squeemish using these links then don't but just keep in mind there's no shady business going on here - I'm just recommending what I use - and quite often I say how I use it just so you know if it can be used similarly for you too.

Like I previously said - this blog isn't a big money maker for me and I suspect it never will be. Sites like my Longevity Blog or my Diabetic Shoes site and the many other niche sites and commercial blogs I maintain really bring in the coin. This site however is more about community and branding more than anything else so feel free to get involved in the comments and I'll be sure to help you out in any reasonable way I can.

Again, this site is all about my journey to build residual income so take it for what it is. Good luck to you all.

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