October 18, 2013

The Pond Internet Marketing Forum

I'll make this short and sweet. Down the road I may expand on this post but for now you should know that I participate quite a bit on an Internet Marketing Forum called The Pond.

The Pond is not my own creation but that of a good friend I've developed online, Dave, from ZenDuck.me. You know, as much as you can become friends online of course.

I do share a lot of information here on my blog (www.chezfat.com) and over on the free InfoBarrel forums but a lot of the stuff I want to share I will only share with paying members of The Pond. The paid forum keeps things somewhat private (at east not open to anybody and everybody to read) but open to serious marketers who I call friends.

I'm not the smartest cookie int he jar either; there are a whole bunch of really intelligent and motivated people on the forum and they all have different areas of expertise. If you are into Kindle books, site building, ecommerce, domaining, web2, content siloing, whatever, there are people there that are in those fields and doing well and sharing golden nuggets all the time.

In any event ff you want to read some awesome content and have a wide variety of experienced IM guys - regular folk like you and me - at your disposal then head over to the Pond and sign up. It's $10 per month to keep out the riff-raff. I've been a paying member since November 2011 and I couldn't be happier with the investment. It's kept me sane and earning through all the animal updates and I appriciate everyone who participates there for it.

I do share more detailed stuff there than I do here on the blog (or on any other forum) including some of my site URLs so if you want this info then signup and drop me a note below and/or over on the forum.

Zen Duck Pond

Check Out The Pond Forum Here

(Yep, that's an affiliate link - I get half of your membership fee when you signup.)

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  1. Hi
    Is the pond still active? I joined in its early days and then cancelled. Was wondering if the members are still there.

  2. Sure is Aaron, I think I remember you being active there. I was a lurker there for a long while before getting involved. Its a smaller group than before I think and there are probably fewer threads started on a daily basis but its a bit more diverse in methodology probably.


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