October 26, 2009

Building Anchored Backlinks With Content Websites And Article Directories

In my last post on building residual income with anchored backlinks I discussed my plans for increasing search traffic for my main human longevity blog by mixing up and increasing the incoming links to the main page. I want to get my search ranking for the term “longer life” higher so that my overall blog traffic and resulting residual income to increase over time.

In that post I briefly discussed how I get some of those backlinks and I wanted to further develop the topic in a stand alone post as I follow up on another older post titled Increase SERP Rank on eHow where I analyzed the profitability of a friend’s eHow article. In that post I suggested that her article could make a decent sum of money if it was able to climb the SERP ranks for it’s main keyword phrase. I suggested that after a few on-page tweaks were made that a few backlinks would help it out.

As it now stands that eHow article on hosting a honeymoon showe(article was removed) has been firmly stuck in the 10th position in Google for it’s main keyword term despite a few backlinks being built. As far as I can tell the article now has at least about 5 anchored nofollow backlinks pointing to it with the most recent only going live over the weekend and today when the author of the article got busy supporting it with some additional dofollow backlinks of her own.

Content Websites & Article Directories

This is how things are done in the world of getting dofollow backlinks for a beginning internet marketer. Only so many people will find your article or blog post and only a miniature fraction of those people will backlink to it unless you have a ton of friends online reading your stuff already.  You have to start marketing your work yourself. Internet marketing is something that every content writer online needs to do if they want to make money and writing articles for a content website is a great way to do just that.

The thing is that SERP ranking will rank you higher for your main terms when other related sites link to you using optimal anchored text. Most websites don’t have this and because of this if you do have them you will automatically be a cut above the rest and will be much more likely to be near the top of the rankings.

In my last post I mentioned that I was starting to drum up backlinks to my longevity blog by writing articles with backlinks to my longevity blog embedded in them.  I then submit them to dofollow article directories and wait. I also mentioned writing articles containing dofollow backlinks embedded in them and submitting them to content websites such as Squidoo as a means of getting backlinks and this is exactly what my friend has started to do.

A Backlink Campaign

In addition to linking to her eHow article from her own writers blog (another dofollow backlink) she went out and crafted a lengthy and all encompassing Squidoo lens on Hosting a Honeymoon Shower (article was removed) and linked it to the eHow article. Squidoo is a content website where you write articles, share in their ad profits, and also can promote your other online writings as the site offers dofollow backlinks if you choose to code them into the articles you post there. Furthermore, because Squidoo has a high page rank (PR) in the eyes of Google, the links there are valued substantially higher than they might be in other places around the web.

The beauty of content sites is that you can write as many as you like and as long as they point back to your main money making article (wherever it may be on the web) the more backlinks you build the better your search ranking will be. If you were to write four Squidoo lenses, four Examiner articles, four Ezine articles, and four SelfGrowth articles all linking back to the money making article (in this case posted on eHow) then you would have 16 optimized backlinks, probably more than enough to jump up to the top of the SERPs.

Sure, this may seem like overkill but if the money-making article has enough potential then it may well be worth it. I speculated in my previous analysis that the honeymoon shower article on eHow could get potentially in the $6-$7 range every month if it ranked high enough in the SERPs. Is 16 backlinks from content websites and article directories worth it for $6.50 monthly? It may be for some people and it might not be for others. Maybe it won’t take 16 to get to the top of the SERPs, maybe it will only take 6. That might be worth it.

The Value of Internet Marketing

I can guarantee you though that if I found an article which could potentially bring in $50 per month that 16 backlinks would be worth my time… maybe even 26. Sure it takes time but building residual income like that is work; if it wasn't work than everybody would do it.

How profitable then is my friends honeymoon shower article now that we've been building anchored backlinks with content websites in addition to blogging backlinks?  The jury is still out. Actually; the article is not mine so I frankly have no idea how well it is doing but I do know that we have not yet climbed the SERPs for the main keyword phrase as of yet. We still are on page one of Google in the 10th spot. Hopefully this new Squidoo Lens and this post, which juices the lens, will help out some more.

What I do know however is that 1st place in Google is very possible using this backlinking strategy. How do I know? I know because we've already hit the top spot in Yahoo Search for the term “honeymoon shower”. See pic:

Yahoo tends to recognize inbound links less judiciously than Google but once Google starts accepting these inbound links into its search algorithm, up the article will go in their search results page too. If we can get this article to number one in Google as well as Yahoo we will defiantly know that this article is starting to earn it’s full potential and at that point we can start focusing on other money making articles to market and increase profitability on as well.

Build Residual Income

This is after all what sets apart content writers from residual income builders. Building residual income is not always just about writing content, it’s about optimizing content for max profit and then marketing that work so that it achieves it potential.

Should you write one money making article and make a buck off of it every month with no marketing or should you write one money-making article and write ten articles sending anchored backlinks to it resulting in $20 of profit every month? This internet marketing route increases your overall earning by roughly 100 percent. Seems like a no brainer to me. Just set yourself up an account with some of the dofollow content writers sites such as Squidoo and HubPages as well as with some of the dofollow article directories such as GoArticles, Ezine articles, and SelfGrowth and increase your earnings. Market your informational products and do the work necessary to build many significant and lasting residual income streams online.

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  1. Good advice. Anchored backlinks are the best thing we can do to help our work get noticed by the search engines.

  2. I would argue they're about the only thing we can do to get picked up by search engines. One or two backlinks here and there and then the SERPs start noticing and rewarding.


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