October 13, 2009

Want To Earn Residual Income Online? Yeah, Me Too!

earn residual income online

What Is Residual Income

I’ve done a lot of learning recently about earning residual income online. In fact, that is the topic of this blog and my overarching goal but it occurred to me (as it may have to many of you) that earning residual income is different from earning passive income in that residual income is income based off of a sale or business activity that is paid out over and over indefinitely. Passive income is essentially the same thing except the term implies that the person (myself) is no longer active in generating new business activity and is thus experiencing passive income, income that is generated despite having no current activity in business.

Of course I thought about naming this blog earn passive income online but that seems to contradict my business activity in that I am actively seeking new business and attempting to grow my income stream. I am seeking residual income while I experience passive income which I’ve already created. Does that make sense?

The purpose of this blog among other things is to chronicle my learning in this area of generating residual income from all available sources. In addition to highlighting what I have learned on earning residual income I will teach you to do exactly what I am doing so that you can have the same opportunities to succeed that I did without having to read so much and work so hard.

It’s important to note that I am not an expert in earning residual income; I am merely a well educated beginner. I have read more information on online residual income than you could believe. That’s why it’s high time I develop a rich resume on the topic of generating residual income online and back up what I’ve learned with real results. I kind of feel like I am like a college graduate stepping out into the job market for the first time. I’ve learned so much and now I’m ready to start working.

Residual Income - Where to start?

There’s so many options. There’s your standard investments: stock, bonds, real estate, etc. Income derived from these investments are definitely residual income in nature but they require up front capital and carry some risk as easily noted by the economic recession of the past two years. Virtually all markets are down over the last two years ending by a considerable sum. Real Estate markets are even worse too because investors here are typically highly leveraged at an average rate of between 3:1 and 20:1, meaning investors in real estate can gain or lose $3-20 per every dollar they invested depending on their leverage rate. For me this is something I’m interested in but only when I can afford the risk.

I am still a young man and I have a young wife and we both have considerable student debt. Sure there are no kids but you never know when they’ll come around. Risk is something I need to avoid at this time and that leaves me to find residual income investment sources that carry no risk… or I should say no financial risk. Internet marketing and informational products are the logical product to generate this residual income while time becomes my main investment vehicle rather than cash. By turning to internet marketing I can safely assume no financial risk and invest only my time and energy into building a catalog of residual income bearing projects that will provide passive income over the long haul.

My Residual Income Journey as it Now Stands

Currently I invest a significant amount of my energy to a number of online ventures where I only risk the loss of my time. To date I have been active in this pursuit for approximately five months and I have already begun building a solid base for long term residual income. In fact I have started tracking this base and sharing basic numbers with you my reader on my earnings and goals page. As the days go by I will be posting specific information on what I’m doing to build more residual income and I will share how you can do the same. I will do specific case studies on tactics and I will link to or show actual examples of residual income pieces as applicable. I will provide to you all the information you need to learn from my efforts and duplicate my successes.

Am I successful now? I think so, considering the duration of my residual income resume and I feel that my success is growing every day. If you want to be a part of this growth process I’d encourage you to stop by this site, Chezfat.com whenever you have the chance and join me on this quest for ever increasing residual income.

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