August 27, 2009

Residual Income and Goals Index

Last Update: 4/5/2010

Unlike some other residual income writers out there I have no intention on stating my actual earnings information in my monthly earnings updates or anywhere else on this blog. This means that you probably won't ever see me say anything like "I made X amount of money in a certain time frame". 

I do feel that keeping a running tab on some of the stats from my residual income sources is necessary and will benefit the reader of this blog... at least it will make it more interesting so I will summarize all my earnings into a metric: Earnings per 1000 page views.  This will allow me to normalize all my earnings reports from all the various income streams and identify how each stream performs and how that income stream changes as time passes.

Additionally I'm going to always share with you my basic residual income goals and share with you my progress.  Included in this will be my overarching goal of duplicating my day job income.  I won't share with you how much I make but I will share the relationship between the two in percentage terms.

In my opinion my thoughts about my online income and it's progress is necessary and desirable for myself and for my readers. This page will be updated routinely with information related to my residual income goals and accomplishments on eHow, InfoBarrel, my blogs, as well as my general residual income online earnings from other sources.

Check back in for regular updates or just subscribe to the blog feed. Good luck to me in the future!  You can see period specific reports below or just note my progress graph here on this page.

Monthly Residual Earnings Reports
December 2009
November 2009
October 2009
September 2009

Short-Term Goals
100 published eHow articles | Progress: 82 Articles (4/5/10) - Will not happen as eHow has terminated the WCP for eHow.
Make payout by 9/30/09 | Progress: Accomplished (10/8/09)

Mid-term Goals
1,000 published Xomblurb | Progress: 279 Xomblurbs (4/5/10)
Build Backlinks to Moneymakers on Blog and eHow | WIP
Increase Earnings per 1000 PV on Longevity Blog | WIP

Long-Term Goals
Duplicate my day-job income | Progress: 4.83 Percent Accomplished (4/5/10)

That's it for now. I've got a ways to go but it all starts with article creation and publication.

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