December 6, 2009

Residual Income Report – November 2009

November is fast becoming a distant memory as we are nearly a week into December. As I stated in my October eHow earnings report my main goals for November were to build my article rankings up from my eHow articles and my blog posts by building anchored backlinks to them all. And as I stated in my post yesterday on using Infobarrel for residual earnings my main way of doing that was by writing articles and posting them on InfoBarrel in addition to a smattering of articles posted on article directory sites. All in all I posted a lot of articles in November, probably more than I can consistently hit every month going forward.

eHow Earnings - Blog Earnings - InfoBarrel Earnings

You might expect that all those linking strategies paid of handsomely for me and my online residual income skyrocketed. You would be wrong however. My earnings on eHow increased about 1 percent month over month and my blog income decreased month over month. Because I didn’t post my first article on InfoBarrel until the 18th of the month I only made a little more than a dollar there and resultantly my overall monthly earnings declined slightly from October.

Having said that however all individual stats from my eHow earnings look pretty good.  Here is the break down as usual:

eHow Residual Earnings Statistics - November 2009

67 published articles earned at a combined rate of $10.25 per 1,000 PV – up from $10.19 in October
80 percent of my earnings came from 24 percent of my articles – up from 19 percent in October
20 percent of my earnings came from 45 percent of my articles – up from 41 percent in October
31 percent of my articles had no earnings at all – down from 39 percent in October

If you compare back to October every one of these stats improved month over month and I am very confident this is because of the backlink work I’ve been putting in to these articles from my blogs and from InfoBarrel in particular. If you haven’t yet tried InfoBarrel for its residual earnings and backlinks potential I recommend them whole heartedly. You can use my referral link here or a non-referral link here. Of course I’d be honored if you let me refer you in.

InfoBarrel Residual Earnings Statistics - November 2009

I don’t think I’m going to say much yet. I posted a lot in November but it was all at the end of the month and thus nothing has really earned yet. For the sake of saying something however I will say I posted 37 articles at the end of November and have earned $1.26. In December I’ll provide some updates on InfoBarrel and will fully analyze my earnings on the next Income report in the first week of January.

SERP Rank Update

I am kind of disappointed considering the amount of work that I put in but I cannot be too down on it because all the backlink worked is helping. I’m seeing my main keywords raising in the SERPs though many are still not on page one and as they get closer I’ll be very close to making significantly more money. Also, I’m not dismayed because November is a short month with a four-day holiday weekend in it. I was on pace to increase my earnings by about 10 percent for the month before Thanksgiving hit. It’s amazing how few people are surfing the web for those four days.

Earnings Per 1000 Page Views

During the month of November I had five articles deleted by eHow and I posted eight more during the month giving me 67 published articles for the month. My page views slightly improved on the month as did my earnings per thousand page views. In October I made $10.19 per 100 pages views on eHow and in November that number went up to an all time high of $10.25 per 1000 page views. Not bad at all. Overall my residual income online dipped just a bit and the heels of declining Blog earnings.

November Residual Income Report

You can see my goal bar below. My earnings for November were 1.86% of my long term goal. This is down from October but still higher than September. The dip was not too big.

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