January 16, 2014

Are Bubblews Posts SEO Friendly?

I wanted to throw up a quick post tonight for two reasons. I just setup an account on Bubblews (it's a social site where you earn money in case you didn't know) and I started getting social - you know reading other people's stuff, commenting, sharing, etc. I also started writing some posts that were just casual in nature.

Other than my tutorial articles that I'm putting up which are meant to drive lots of internal traffic (and teach myself stuff) I decided to try an experiment of publishing a bunch of random short Bubbles on long tail keyword questions - you know, to see if they rank in search.

My thought was I could be social on the site for current income but also through up keyword posts in hopes of gaining long(er) term search traffic. If these Bubbles actually rank decently in search then you could assume that they will earn consistently based on a smattering if search traffic page views. Add in the social traffic there earning and "I THINK" I can make some decent cash.

Time will tell I suppose.

In the mean time I've decided to stick with one general theme for my SEO posts. I'm going to post short bubbles on lots of questions related to a small sub-group of products. Coffee stuff.

If I just answer questions people have about coffee stuff then I should get some social love from the posts (everyone loves coffee) and long term search traffic from people actually looking for answers to these questions.

Then, if I can stay on the ball and work on interlinking these Q&A posts together I can get some search traffic looking at a handful of posts on the site which "should" make me more money in the end.

I don't want to see comments regarding their payment system. I know it's  hot button issue and I don't care about it for now. I want to test things myself and see what happens when I devote some quality time to the site.

Good luck all in all of your endeavors and if you want to see my Bubblews earnings report you can check that out right here: http://www.bubblews.com/news/2065969-my-bubblews-earnings-report

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  1. I played around with Bubblews a little bit and have gone back to it a time or two. I should at least push to get a payout I suppose. Good luck, interested to see how it turns out for ya

    1. Thanks jason, I hope it turns out turns out to be worth my time too. :)

      I'll share my updated thoughts on it again after I have a little more data.


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