August 30, 2009

How Much Time Do I Put Into My eHow Articles

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I've got to say that coming up with topics for eHow is not that difficult.  The difficult part is balancing the selection of which topics to actually write.  I'm of the opinion that I want to write quality articles that are more fully developed with more words.  I also want my articles to be based upon high paying keywords rather than lowpaying keywords.  I'm perfectly happy with less traffic so long as I'm making more per visitor but this seems to lead me to writing about topics I have to do research on while writing.  This of course slows me down.

It seems that many other writers have coined rules of thumb when it comes to article writing on eHow that don't particularly apply to me.  For instance, writers seem to think that you can punch out a article in 20-30 min and be done with it.  I don't know about you but I take at least twice that time if not more. 

I'm probably averaging 50 min honestly including my research time.  It's not that I'm slow it's just that my topics are more in depth.  I could crank out an article describing how to hook a bowling ball in 20 min but nobody is searching for that nor do the keywords pay much of anything.  Why should I take the time?

Well, maybe I should.  I think I will take some time over the next couple days to write a couple quick articles not based on traffic and quality keywords just to see how they perform.  After all, it's not like I'm making anything yet anyway, I'm only on day 14 with eHow. 

Until articles like my article: How to choose HVAC service software (article removed by ehow) or How to get your CFP certification online start earning money I will take some time to write a few more elementary articles.  Not necessarily elementary but simple to me and not optimized for high paying key words.

20 min per article, however, still seems too quick.  Maybe I can hit 30-40.

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