September 7, 2009

Trouble with eHow's Payment System for Newbies?

Today is my 22nd day with eHow.  The last four days or so I have "only" written about 3-4 articles for a couple reasons.  First it's a holiday weekend and I've enjoyed the time to relax and not do anything work related.  Second is the ongoing drama in the forums from all the newbies like myself who are a few weeks to a month-and-change old with eHow who have not yet earned a penny.

My own opinion is that I don't expect to earn hardly anything for at least another month but I probably should have earned at least a penny for now.  As a result I've had slightly less motivation to write new articles which is why I've only written one article over the weekend.  Check it out if you want: How To Cope with a Double Dip Recession, which I swear we're going to experience in the near future.

Anyway, I just wanted to reacquaint myself here on this blog and will update again as my writing continues.  For now I have written 43 articles on eHow and received 1,055 page views with no earnings of any kind.  Surely things will work themselves out in the end.  I know that some members from late July stat dates have earned and at least one member from late August earned so the group of us from early August will eventually earn... eHow will definitely make sure their are no glitches at the very least.

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