October 17, 2009

Building A Residual Income Empire & An Anniversary

Last Updated 10/11/2014

I wanted to put up a quick note this evening on the blog mostly to commemorate my two-month posting anniversary on eHow. I published my first article over there two months ago today and I now have built an article arsenal of 61 residual income generating articles in total. I started writing in a flurry and have slowed considerably as of late… mostly due to new projects I’ve taken on. This is planned and these projects should be lucrative so I’m fine with the trade-off.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that with my last post on increasing SERP rank I got a handful of compliments (not in the comments section) so for those I am appreciative. I hope to be able to help out others similarly in the future and I plan on posting similar case studies periodically; I’m currently working on an in depth case study for another friend on eHow as well as on my article, How to Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels With Better Nutrition (article removed by ehow), which was posted nearly two months ago targeting a few different keywords.

I also wanted to say that my experiences so far with eHow have made me feel that eHow is an excellent way to build income (though not large) early in a freelance online writer’s career. eHow, in two months time, is my biggest source of income but I suspect that in six months or so it will not be so anymore. I suspect that focusing on only one medium is too limited in scope regardless of the initial success it provides.

Because of this I have continued to work on my human longevity blog and have decided that I need to both promote it better as well as continue to provide quality content on it. That blog is really going to slowly become a flagship blog for me as is this residual income blog too, I hope. In addition to these two main blogs and my eHow writings I’m starting to put together a niche blog for the sole purpose of trying to make money at home more efficiently. I will go into details in an upcoming post and describe exactly how I plan on monetizing that blog right away.

The niche blog will be an experiment to see if I can make more money with it having only a handful of blog posts than I can on similar sized handful of quality eHow articles. Everything should go live around the same time. I will definitely update when results start coming in.

And to clarify what I mean by niche blog: I'm creating a site that draws visitors but doesn't answer their questions. The point is to get them to find the blog; tickle their curiosity on a very specific subject but provide few answers to their questions in hopes that the ads on the page do just that. :) We'll see how it goes. Check back for updates on that in the coming weeks and months.

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