October 2, 2009

My Take On The Importance of Keyword Research

I was recently discussing writing methods for eHow with some friends the other day and the question came up as to how best you should spend your time: researching the best posts to write or just writing. These are my thoughts on the topic:

I think it's best to find a quick method of doing research and only doing this one system routinely. In other words pick an easy method for you and don't mess around with too many other forms of research. The more you do your one thing the quicker and easier it becomes.

I do feel minimal research is an absolute must. Taking five minutes to check Google's Keyword Tool will show me which variation of keywords to use. For instance; my most recent eHow article How To Control Arterial Hypertension (article removed by ehow)... is very specific to the keyword tool. The word “hypertension” is too short to use as I will never rank well for the one word, “high blood pressure” is longer but it too is difficult to rank for but arterial hypertension is much easier to rank for; it still gets lots of searches per month and it has the highest CPC rate of them all. I quantify it with a couple extra (secondary keywords) and this should be a good earner. We'll see though; I only posted it last night.

The point is though that I had a topic I wanted to write on (hypertension) and so I spent five minutes decide how to optimize the title and keywords. It’s not like I based my decision to write the article on the keywords; I optimized the keywords I used based on the topic I had already chosen. I think this five minutes of extra research will prove very worthwhile time spent as opposed to writing five minutes of another article. After all, each of my articles takes me 45-60 min to write. I think the extra five min of research could easily double earnings on an otherwise un-researched article.

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