June 8, 2010

Backlink Your Profiles For Better SERP Authority

Are you noticing difficulty in keeping your articles indexed in the SERPs? I certainly have been noticing this trend. In fact until I recently joining the Keyword Academy I did a ton of backlink from the major article directories like GoArticles, Ezine Articles, Buzzle, and ArticleBlast. I found, as many of you probably have as well, that when your posts go live they do ok and are picked up by the SERPs but after a while they lose their footing and eventually get deindexed.

I tried figuring this out and realized that when the articles are new they are featured on the front page and in various recent article on what-ever-topic lists and because of this the internal linkage of these sites got the articles indexed. However once they fall off these lists there are no more internal link benefits and they lose ground in authority and eventually fall out of the SERPs unless you’ve done extensive backlinking of your articles.

I then got to thinking about how to keep them indexed when they fall off of these lists without having to backlink every article multiple times and realized that the author pages from these sites list all live articles and shouldn’t ever drop your articles because they are always tied to you.

I did some checking and indeed my author profiles for these four article directories send do follow backlinks to each and every one of my articles on the sites however the profile pages aren’t indexed. Actually my ArticleBlast and Buzzle profiles are indexed but they have no page rank so they doesn’t pass on much juice.

So what to do about this? I’ve got to build some authority for my profile pages and once they are indexed and have a pinch of page rank they should pass on that rank to all of my articles on each site. In essence, instead of backlinking over a hundred articles I only have o backlink these four pages and that should help out my entire article library.

If you are on top of the ball you’ll notice that each of the above links goes to my article profiles and in time I hope to have them all indexed and with a bit of PR.

In other news I have also been redesigning the layout of my longevity blog to be a bit more search friendly. As a way of increasing the indexing on that site too I decided to open up an account at MyBlogLog which send do follow backlinks to the site from my profile page and from my blog’s community page. Not only that but the community page sends dofollow backlinks to each of my recent blog posts via a feed. That should help with initial indexing and backlinks should help improve on the individual page authority when they fall back into the archives.

If you are on MyBlogLog feel free to hit me up. I won’t be using the site for its networking features but will log-on occasionally to see messages and whatnot. If you join my community I will happily return the favor.

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  1. I noticed the links to your profiles down in the bottom corner. What a great idea.


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