July 28, 2010

My InfoBarrel Experiment – 8 Month Review

You can see my updated InfoBarrel Review here.
My InfoBarrel Experiment

I first wrote about writing for InfoBarrel roughly eight months ago. At that time I wasn’t really planning on doing much with the site outside of the realm of sending dofollow backlinks to my blog and other online revenue sharing articles however I’ve found in eight months that this little InfoBarrel Experiment of mine is starting to change a bit.

For years many people have been building niche sites based on keywords. You see them in pretty much any websearch you do. If you think of a category of products roughly three words long and search for it chances are there will be an domain in the top of the search results which is the same exactly as your keyword search.

I started thinking about going down this road but I have opted to build blogs based on themes which cover many different related topics. Individual pages will be keyword based but the site will be big with a cohesive theme. Google seems to be favoring this more and more and I expect that sites like InfoBarrel will continue to thrive based on this trend.

There are of course many different revenue sharing websites, InfoBarrel is not the only one. I’ve written for eHow in the past as well as Xomba and HubPages but these sites have been around for a while and have lots of domain level competition already. InfoBarrel has less published content meaning there is more of a ground floor feel to the site. I’ve never had an article title rejected as being a duplicate title whereas on the other sites I find this happens quite frequently.

Furthermore my 8 month InfoBarrel experiment has showed me that the site is capable of generating income for its users. Sure it’s good for sending backlinks but I’m starting the use the site more as a revenue generator for me more frequently than ever.  It even give you a minimum of 75 percent revenue which is easily higher that similar sites like HubPages or Xomba.

Of all the places I write I actually earn more money per 1000 page views on InfoBarrel than anywhere else… which leads me to believe that investing my time there is a worthwhile endeavor. Generating 100 search visitors to InfoBarrel has become the most lucrative 1000 visitors I can get am I’m starting to see this significantly in my earnings.

I haven’t written about my residual income earnings in about three months and will have to do that once again sometime soon however this new era of my online residual income journey is going to be more focused on InfoBarrel. I will continue to backlink my blog with IB but will write on different topics on IB looking for revenue as a new focus. Essentially my new InfoBarrel Experiment will be to make significant money on InfoBarrel… possibly more than anywhere else.

InfoBarrel Earnings

Currently for every 1000 search visitors I get to my InfoBarrel articles I make $23.11. That equates to roughly $700 per month for getting 1000 search visitors every day. It may take some time to get 1000 visitors a day but not that long if you are dedicated to the task.

Just pick good keywords, The Keyword Academy can help with that ($33/month) and market them properly with dofollow backlinks, again, the Keyword Academy can help with that too. Repeat the process a bunch of times. Write hundreds of articles and you can have a significant residual income stream.

My personal InfoBarrel Experiment up until this point has revolved around using the site for backlinks but in the future this site should become my bread and butter. Earnings here should surpass all of my other sites combined… at least that’s the goal.

Of course staying diverse is very important. I will continue building my thematic keyword-centric blogs both self-hosted and freely hosted blogs like Blogger. These will obviously also continue to grow in revenue and be significant money makers but they also will help with branding and direct sales whenever I decide to start developing those channels of income. In the mean time, if you haven’t given InfoBarrel a try I suggest you do while the site is still young.

You can sign up and start your own Info Barrel experiment for yourself, just make sure to friend me and keep us all up to date on your progress, questions, and victories.  Sign up here and keep in touch.  I'll definitely chronicle my progress in this new endeavor in the near future and discuss exactly how I make the most money on the site as possible.

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  1. I was looking for something like this to motivate myself for Infobarrel. I am impressed by these results.

    These days I am also hearing about another revenue sharing website RitePad. Can you please me if it will be good to use this website for backlinks?

  2. Great post. I have just started writing over at InfoBarrel and I certainly agree with your comment about the ground floor feeling, even now a few years after InfoBarrel's inception.

    It is very motivating to see both the extreme success and the modest success of the writers there.

    Btw I found your blog through your interview over there. Keep up the good work.


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