August 25, 2010

Guest Post With PostRunner At The Keyword Academy

As I promised over on the IB Community forums earlier today I said I would write up a bit of info regarding PostRunner a blog guest posting service made available to members of The Keyword Academy (aff).

I am a member at The Keyword Academy and have been so since March and love it. As I've told others the membership is worth it for the PostRunenr service alone in my opinion however the membership also offers plenty of additional perks especially for the people who are new to internet marketing and content/blog creation.

What Is PostRunner?

PostRunner is a guestposting service that is one of many benefits of being a member of The Keyword Academy. There are a number of benefits like coaching for beginners, and niche selection/keyword tools, videos on how to setup a moneymaking blog/content site, tracking tools to keep organized with your backlinking, and plenty of very experienced members who make a lot of money running blogs and content sites that can answer your questions. These are not the same people you'll find in A-list blogging membership sites; these are mareters rather than bloggers for the most part.

Each of these benefits are amazing on their own right but the bread and butter of The Keyword Academy membership in my opinion is the PostRunner service.

PostRunner is about 1000+ different wordpress blogs owned and maintained by the members of the Keyword Academy - as far as I can tell there are a few thousand Keyword Academy members and rouhgly 1000 blogs hooked into the PostRunner system. I personally have one blog in the system and am contemplating adding a second, other members have none in the system, and other members have multiples. Each blog is owned by the members (like me) and each blog is hosted on seperate hosting accounts - some are monetized and others are not (mine is not monetized).

What Are The PostRunner Rules?

The rule for members is that anyone can post a guest post to any blog in the system and the site owner has the discretion of approving or declining the submission based on the quality of the post and their own persoanl discretion. There are post quality requirements on the system level to guest post as well as post length requirements and maximum link requirements.

The system rules require 100 percent unique content of high quality. No spun or auto-generated content is allowed nor are blog owners allowed to change the link text or add nofollow attributes to the links that guest posters include in their submissions. The guest posting system is designed to be as usefull to the blog owners as it is for the guest bloggers. And because the owners of these blogs use the system for their guest blogging all the sites are high quality and cared for and quality on all posts is generally high.

Most guestposts get accepted on the first attempt. I've posted more than 300 guest posts through the system and I've never had a guest post denied by a blog owner more than once. Keep the quality up and everybody wins. Post Runner really top notch and it makes creating backlink diversity a breeze.

The Keyword Academy (aff) is as white hat as one could possibly be - if anyone is suspected of breaking the rules with their posts or with their blogs they are cut off from the system and since each site is essentially owned and maintained by a different owner on a different hosting plan this doesn't get into trouble as a big blog network in the eyes of the Search Engines. Following Google's rules is critical and the system values these rules more than anything with their passion for quality sites and quality content.

Right now you can only use PostRunner if you are a member of TKA and it is a recurring monthly fee of $33. It is well worth it in my book. First month membership fee is $1 and you can cancel at any time. You can even use postrunner in your first month to try it out and see if it is valuable for you.

If you want to give it a shot I'd love to hear your opinion of the program - My referal link is on my blog in the upper right hand corner of each page or you can click the links to The Keyword Academy in this post.

Currently I use PostRunner to send backlinks to my moneymaking articles over on IB and it's making a hige difference. I've been enjoying my time at IB and am pleased to help out fellow InfoBarrel members.

Also of Note
Many of the people that use Postrunner (outside of the newbies) are big time moneymakers online - many of them are making many thousands of dollars a month posting keyword focused articles to blogs and sites like HubPages and InfoBarrel using the sites on Postrunner to build backlinks and authority to their personal blogs and content articles. This method works and is the reason why so many big time money-makers are mebers. Many are making 2000-5000 a month and PostRunenr is amjor part of their process.

If you want to give PostRunenr a try I'd love to refer you in. Remember the first month is $1 and every month after that is $33 payable by PayPal subscription.

You can check it out for yourself here and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Wow - Over 300 guest posts. You've been busy! Do you try to do a guest post per day, or is it just whenever you have time? This seems like an interesting program. Right now, though, I'm not as focused on building backlinks to my articles as I once was. While search engine visitors are nice, I've come to realize that repeat visitors usually come from other blogs in the same niche (at least, for me). I'm getting way more comments and active reader participating than before, once I started to comment on other blogs and participate in their conversations. I still have a lot of work to do, and I've found many interesting blogs that I've liked.

    I have contemplated guest posting (and loads of bloggers have said that guest posting is their main traffic builder). However, it seems to me like bloggers on The Keyword Academy just guest post to increase their own gain (more backlinks and so on), rather than to provide something useful to other readers outside of their blogs. I could be wrong, and I'm not saying that the links pointing back to their articles are not useful. I haven't tried the program yet. I'm just not too crazy about guest posting on blogs you don't really care about, just to build backlinks. If I'm wrong about the motive, correct me! I don't mean to spread around false accusations.

    But, I think it's a good practice to be skeptical and question the world around you. It keeps your mind busy, and your hands busy as well (with writing about new findings, possible debates, and so on). But, I digress...

    Interesting post, and I look forward to hearing more about the Keyword Academy.

    On a side note, are you a member of the A-List Blogging Bootcamp by any chance? You mentioned "A-List blogging membership sites," so I was wondering.

  2. Actually, I'll follow the Keyword Academy blog for a while to learn more about the program and what it has to offer.

    By the way, Brian, I tried visiting your other blog - Did you discontinue it? I can't seem to access the site.


  3. Hi Christina, thanks for your long and thoughtful comments.

    To address your easy comment – my main longevity blog is still going but you have the wed address wrong. It is I don’t post on a regular schedule there but I typically get roughly 3-6 posts a month in over there. This blog was my first attempt at blogging and I love the site for that. I won’t be disbanding this site ever in my opinion however I may not ever get back to posting there 20-30 times a month.

    Regarding your other questions – you are not mistaken, most (not all) but most of the blogs in PostRunner are not geared for social interaction. Most of the blogs in PostRunner are geared more for search engines than anything else and because of that the guest posts you leave are more for your own benefit based on the link you can include in the post. On the other hand the guest post is required to be high quality.

    Like A-list bloggers (think Pat Flynn or Daren Rowse) they advocate exceptional content and social interaction combined in a blog – The Keyword Academy on the other hand also advocates exceptional quality of blog content but a lack of focus on social interaction. The Keyword Academy doesn’t think social aspects of blogging is a bad thing they simply don’t focus on that aspect of blogging as necessary in maintaining a high quality website. Basically a blog doesn’t have to have a community of followers to be successful it simply has to be helpful to the reader and perform well in the search engines. It’s almost more like a static website built on a blogging platform for simplicity.

    So based on your comments you are right that the guest posting on these blogs is all about building the link rather than gaining new subscribers or commenters or Twitter followers or any other aspect of social blogging. The biggest take-a-way however is the quality of content cannot be bad because that is not helpful to anyone. A website/blog will always fail if it is loaded with content drivel so the main emphasis of PostRunner is for site owners to get free high quality content in exchange for guest posters getting a quality backlink to their site to help them in building their site authority.

    Regarding the A-List Blogging Bootcamp – I am not a member there and can’t comment too much on that membership site from a personal experience perspective. I will say however that that membership site is run by bloggers which focus on social blogging over all else and as a result of this I would assume that the members of that community value social blogging more. The members of The Keyword Academy are also very community oriented behind the membership wall but most are just not that way on the majority of our blogs/websites. There’s nothing wrong with either way of thinking it’s just a matter of personal opinion.

    From my perspective if Darren were to just stop posting altogether on ProBlogger his site would quickly dwindle in earnings as his social traffic would start to dry up. Eventually his search engine traffic would level off but his income would be cut drastically. On the other hand if a Keyword Academy member would stop blogging one day their income would not decline one iota because none of it is based on social traffic. I don’t make anywhere near as much as Darren but some members of TKA do make 6 digits and their income would not change if they stopped blogging one day. That’s the kind of passive income I want.

    I hope that makes sense, let me know if you want or need more clarification in the comments below.

  4. Wow, very informative reply! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

    I'm glad you won't be discontinuing your first blog. :) I haven't been posting in Salad Sticks much at all, but I plan to continue monthly postings once I get the layout fixed (still needs some tweaking). I'll also be deleting posts not helpful to readers (which I made in my early days of blogging and didn't know what I was doing).

    As for The Keyword Academy, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clearing it up! Basically, from what I understand, the academy is mainly focused on SEO and teaches SEO tactics or techniques that will benefit a blog search engine-wise.

    I only asked about the A-List Blogging Bootcamp because I was a member there. I had no idea the term "a-list" meant something along the lines of "top bloggers," according to your context (from what I had guessed). Well, we all learn something new every day. Still being a newbie that I am, I'm constantly learning new things blog-related. I even purchased about $200 worth of books on SEO and blogging, so I'll be busy for the next few weeks (or months) studying up. I want to eventually reach the point where I can call myself an expert on both subjects of SEO and blogging. Then, I'd like to create an eBook or book on the two subjects to add to my passive income streams. That won't be until a very long time though. I don't feel as though I've quite made it to that point yet. That's not a bad thing though. I find myself rather excited just thinking about everything there is to learn!

    You make an interesting point. I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense. I've been in the A-List Blogging Bootcamp for a few weeks now and they are totally focused on the social aspect. In fact, Leo Babauta, author of Zen Habits who also hosts the bootcamp, doesn't even like talking about the subject of SEO. In the first few introduction videos, he made it clear that he didn't think SEO was a major factor in blogging, and that he didn't even bother learning about SEO. I disagreed with him about some parts of his speech regarding SEO, but, like you said, it's just all a matter of preference. His view about SEO isn't necessarily a bad thing. He managed to create a very successful (in fact, two or three successful) blogs without paying any attention to SEO whatsoever.

    Thinking back to what you said, though, if he were to ever stop blogging for a week or a month, a major portion of his earnings would probably disappear.

    I've been thinking about SEO and the social aspects of blogging for quite a bit lately. I've decided to go middle ground. I'm going to continue to make use of SEO tactics in my current blogs, but I'm also going to go for the social aspects of blogging as well and, occasionally, work on backlinks. I think that will give my blogs a strong foundation to build upon.



  5. With 300 guest posts you really have been busy. If you have time I'd be honored to host a guest post by you. My blog is just PR2 but it will bring you some traffic and do follow links.

  6. Sounds great Jade thanks for the offer.

  7. I just got my first article through PostRunner published yesterday morning. Now I'm waiting to see if gets indexed by Google. I sent a link from SheToldMe to help it out. Thanks for turning me onto this service! Don't spend all your referral money in one place :-)

  8. Haha, somehow I missed your comment Travis - I'll try to spread the referral cash around a bit. :) Let us know what you think after you spend some time there - I'm sure others would appreciate your thoughts as well.

  9. Great post. I didn't realize that PostRunner was affiliated with the keyword academy.

    There are so many things to remember. I think the most important step is to prioritize. Sometimes I get lost because I try to do too many things at once. What I realize is that backlinking at every site is not necessary, but the sites that I do choose are important (if that makes sense). So, it sounds like this would be a good option.

    I like the comments by Christina. The further discussion you two had brought more depth to the post and helped support it.

    I think social media is part of traffic, but it's not always conversion. What I want is converting traffic, whether that's to ads or affiliates or even to comments--those are important. I think these big blog sites like ProBlogger can get inflated because their social presence is big.

    Thanks for the info!

  10. I agree with you that I really love the Keyword Academy and especially PostRunner. I can't imagine having to hang around the online game in the long term if that tool wasn't available. The difference I've seen since becoming a member and using PostRunner have been huge, and I have no intention of quitting any time soon. Thanks for the good write up!


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