March 8, 2011

How To Begin To Make A Living Online - Day 5

To continue with my series: Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 5.

Day 5 – Build A Couple Support Blogs On Blogger, Wordpress, and maybe Weebly
Whatever your topic was for your first 20 articles from day 1 choose a couple long tails for this topic and start a blog on each long tail on one of the three sites – or all of them if you are up from more work. If your topic was “printer paper” then make your support blogs on “legal printer paper” and another on “photo printer paper”. Doesn’t matter really, just do a long tail of the topic and set up a blog.

You can monetize it if you want (not with but with these free sites it’s often best to not monetize it with Adsense – maybe you can throw in some Amazon affiliate links instead.

Bottom line is setup the blog and post about 10 posts on each blog using long-tail keyword driven post titles. Include a link on the side bar to every post on your support blog.

The posts don’t have to be long, maybe a couple hundred words max, and with Blogger don’t bother including tags at all as they are automatically nofollow/noindex links – just avoid them all together.

In each blog post contextually with anchored keywords link to two of your original 20 articles (from day 1) giving you a single link to each one from each support blog you make. And for the love, use unique content on everything. No need to copy anything and there’s no need to spin anything. Just write 200 words 10 times per blog. Not a big deal.

That’s it for day 5. Check back in tomorrow for day 6 and if you are liking this series let me know about it below and others know about it with some link love. Thank guys.

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  1. ok - thanks - I get the info I was looking for.

  2. Excellent LS! Hope the whole series comes together as helpful.


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