March 13, 2011

How To Make A Living Online With Internet Marketing - Day 9

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 9.

Day 9 – Start Mining Your Analytics Info

8-9 days after the publication of your original 20 articles you should have a bit of [very small amount of] traffic data in your analytics account. Your 20 “money articles” from day 1 have probably got some traffic [but not much] but the traffic they do have needs to be analyzed because this is what search engines find important about it in the very beginning of a website/blog’s life.

Of your 20 articles one or two of them probably has noticeably more traffic than the others. We may be talking traffic in the teens and twenties compared to the single digits; we may be talking about 5-10 views for an article compared to 1-2 views of the other articles. The point is that whichever publications have some traction at this stage should be identified, noted, and worked on some more.

A good rule of thumb is to look at the basic search term that brought more unique visitors than any other to your top traffic articles and then make new posts using that search term as your keyword. If you have 20 published articles and five of then have already brought in a small handful of search visitors then post five related articles using the search terms used and make sure to interlink them with the original posts… make sure to interlink them with other pages on your blog too.

Basically you want to take your “money article” content and increase it from 20 to 25 or so but you want to do it strategically based on terms search engines have already been ranking your brand new material for. This helps build relevance in these areas and helps encourage the natural development of double listings.

Try not to over think this. If the topic of your 20 articles is “printer paper” and one of your articles on “legal printer paper” has brought in slightly more search traffic than any of your other articles then just do another article on “legal printer paper” just switch it up slightly… do it on the exact search term bringing those 3-10 visitors to your page or do it on something from your own intuition. Off the top of my head maybe “legal sized printer paper” or “off-white legal printer paper”. There aren’t hard rules just narrow it down and use your best judgment.

Once these five new articles are published you should now have 25 “money articles” all interlinked to each other and some backlink articles posted at various revsharing sites. Take this time as an opportunity to run a few more articles (of your random choosing) through IMAutomator and then sprinkle in a few more (5-20) revenue share bookmarks to various things you’ve published over the past week. How much work you put in this department is completely up to you but the more you do the more it helps and this early stage.

Lastly make sure you have your analytics code setup on the rev sharing sites that you can. InfoBarrel won’t allow analytics until you get to pre-approval publishing status (at least 10 published articles), HubPages and Snipsly allow it right away. Make sure these are set up as analytic data is key to increasing your targeted trickle traffic and building relevance.

That’s it, nothing said here is particularly challenging, you just have to put in the work of actually writing and publishing. As Nike says; “Just Do It”. As I say just do it as quickly as you can. Nothing in this area has to be perfect on publication – half the battle is publishing words, don’t get overwhelmed with thinking too much about what you publish and don’t get to overwhelmed producing the best material ever. Most things I publish are first draft material written in ten minutes or less. I don’t have fast typing skills, I just let the words fall out of my mind and onto my screen. Then I do a quick spell/grammar check and publish. Once you start getting more traffic you can always go back and edit for better grammar, inclusions of pictures and graphics, addition of references where needed, affiliate links, and formatting, etc.

Originally I wanted to keep these posts short – I struggle with that as I want to elaborate on everything here but I will stop. Just use your analytics to dictate the next five posts you publish and get them published today. Good luck and good work everyone that chooses to follow along. Check back in tomorrow for day 10 and please leave your comments, questions, and advice down below for everyone to see. Thanks.

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