March 15, 2011

How To Start Making A Living Online With Internet Marketing - Day 11

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 11.

Where We Stand At Day 11

At this point you should have:
  • roughly 25 “money articles” posted somewhere, preferably on your own new website. 
  • You should have roughly 15 backlink articles posted on five major revenue sharing websites giving you about 30 backlinks to your money articles
    • Each money article should have one backlink and a few others have two. 
  • You should have your RSS Feeds submitted to Feedage. 
  • You should have most of all your publications submitted to IMAutomator. 
  • You should have many, if not all, of your revenue sharing “backlink articles” and “money articles” backlinked both on SheToldMe and on InfoPirate. 
  • You should have a support blog or two or three live which are linking to your money articles
    • Those support blog posts should also be submitted to IMAutomator and be backlinked a little bit through SheToldMe and InfoPirate. 
In general you should have a core of money articles which are supported by a wide, thin core of revenue earning support blogs, articles, and bookmarks.

At this point we can continue backlinking the "money articles" from day 1 but because new sites tend to do pretty well when you slowly build links in the beginning rather than quickly – with all the aforementioned support thus far - these money articles probably are fine for some time… the "backlink articles" however can be backlinked more heavily and since they do earn you money it is where we will now focus our attention.

Day 11 - Backlink Our Backlinks
Your articles that can be backlinked heavily with little chance of being overloaded are the main backlink articles previously published on InfoBarrel, HubPages, Posturown, Squidoo, and Snipsly. On these sites you should already have about 3 articles published each. If you write 2 more articles today for each of these same five sites but this time backlink the backlink articles (the ones you’ve already published) instead of the main money articles then you will start to get more traction and more authority from your backlinks.

As always, make sure to submit a few more of these new backlink articles to IMAutomator and bookmark them on SheToldMe (STM) and InfoPirate (IP).

This may start feeling like a lot of work but that is the point – you are trying to make a living online, not beer money. You are trying to feed a family and provide a roof, not trying to make some pocket change as a hobby. As a beginner this may feel like a lot of work but as you get accustomed to this work then you will find that it isn’t all that hard. When 300 words can be written in less than 10 minutes then anyone can write 10 articles a day.

At the end of today you should now have 25 support articles – good job – come back tomorrow and we’ll march on. Soon you’ll be starting to see the beginnings of a good steady source of income. Make sure to leave your comments and questions below and share the series with your friends and follow readers with a link – Thanks!

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