March 27, 2011

Make A Living Online – Day 16

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 16.

Day 16 – Article Directory Links To Your Money Articles

By now you’ve surely had enough time to build all the backlinks to your revenue sharing articles as outlined in day 14 of this series. Basically we’ve got roughly 25 articles on a new site right now and they all have a few backlinks but we need to add some more.

In day 14 we started promoting more heavily the main backlinks to the money articles with article directory links at a clip of about 2 per article. We will now do the same things again except this time we will publish these article directory articles with links pointing directly at out money articles.

Previously I noted you wanted to publish on directories which gave you dofollow backlinks like Ezine, GoArticles, Article Dashboard, and Article Blast – this time we will use the same sites (other if you know of any you like) but point them at our 25 articles. At an average of two links per article we will need about 25 articles published over the new few days each sending out links to out money articles. Each “money article” should get about two links out of this.

Again this will take some time which completely depends on how fast you write but you should be able to punch these out in a few days at least, if not sooner. Sure it’s hard work and you may be getting burned out on the subject but that’s the way it goes. Don’t fret and don’t lose hope – this is how it’s done so you just have to suck it up and do the work.

For me I’ve been writing tons of stuff on diabetic shoes as I promote my relatively new diabetic shoes website, it’s a lot of info that I keep framing in different ways, it’s a lot of work but it pays off significantly – just do it and be pleased that it pays.

The next couple days should be slim days while you get this task done but I do have more in store for day 17 – see you then.

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