March 11, 2011

Make A Living Online - Day 7 - Feedage

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 7.

Day 7 – Get Familiar with
If you are new to making income producing websites then you are probably new to the concept of RSS directories and have probably never used before.

Yesterday in day 6 of this beginners making a living online tutorial you should have started bookmarking your support blogs and a few of your main 20 “money” articles from revenue sharing bookmarking sites. This helps with their indexing and to some extent Feedage will also help with indexing and with the passage of small amounts of authority to your main pages.

What Feedage Does
What Feedage does in a nutshell is it displays every post from an RSS feed (roughly 25 I think) on a single URL. It gives anchored dofollow links back to the source with a little bit of context. This is great because every blog has an RSS feed, as does every Hubber, InfoBarreler, Squidooer, and user of Blogger, Wordpress, Squidoo, Snipsly, Posturown, and even bookmarker of sites like InfoPirate.

You can submit your feeds to Feedage from each of your accounts as well as from the source of your original 20 articles you posted back on day 1 be they on a self-hosted blog or aforementioned article site. This gives you a link to every URL you’ve posted thus far and to every article you will post on these accounts in the future.

Do This
Go to and open up an account. You want to submit your RSS feed for virtually every account you already setup. This may take some time finding the feed URLs to submit but you should be able to figure it out. Some will be trickier than others but with some fooling around, hunting, pecking, and experimenting you should be able to figure it out.

If you want to do more work you can also submit these RSS feeds to other RSS directories however I tend to only do it to Feedage because it is the best one there is in my opinion and they are dofollow links rather than nofollow.

I won’t go into the details of using Feedage here as I want to keep this simple but you can read more about Submitting Your InfoBarrel RSS Feed to Feedage here – the same principals will apply to other RSS feeds so get to work.

FYI – sorry for missing a day in this series, looks like this may be 27 days to be a better IMer instead of 28. :)  I guess I'm not much of a Blogger. ;)

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  1. Thanks for this. I'm already on Feedage but I wasn't sure if it'd be good practice to also submit to other feeds it was the same as submitting your site to as much blog directories as you could.


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