March 12, 2011

Making A Living Online In Internet Marketing – Day 8

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 Days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 8.

Day 8 – Build More Backlinks – I Like Using Revenue Sharing Sites

Remember day 3? On day 3 we went over to all the revenue sharing sites that allow you to link out to your sites. Sites like Snipsly, Posturown, HubPages, InfoBarrel, & Squidoo each allow you to earn money on the article and each will let you contextually link to your sites giving you anchored dofollow links.

Go to these same sites (and a few others of your choosing if you want) and write two more topical articles for each site and send links back to your main 20 articles. By posting 10 articles (2 per site) you are building one more link to every one of your main 20 articles.

At this point you should have about 4 articles posted on each of these five revenue sharing sites – make sure to interlink your posts for maximum benefit. I won’t go into detail but in short if you have four articles on a single topic posted to a site like HubPages then make sure each hub contextually links to the other three hubs in addition to your main “money articles”.

If you have some energy left over after writing these 10 articles then spend some time sending some bookmark backlinks to random pieces from SheToldMe and InfoPirate which are dofollow revenue share and drop off some of your article posts into IMAutomator so that they can slowly get a few low quality bookmark backlinks.

As always, always publish good material. Use your best judgment but please make it good. It doesn’t have to be worthy of a peer-reviewed journal or dissertation, just make it good. There really is no need to further analyze quality, regardless of all the hoopla in the SEO blogosphere these days. Don’t worry about it; it’s needless stress and should be the last thing on your mind if you are writing original material with a shred of intelligence backed prose.

Looking Forward
At this point your main 20 articles should have all been published for at least a week. If they all went live on day 1 and it is now day 8 then they all should have gotten indexed by now and they all should have gotten a small trickle of search traffic from a few (super) long tails. In the coming days we are going to slowly start identifying these (super) long tails and start going after them.

---You probably have already registered a click or two too - if you really have done everything mentioned so far in this series then this is almost always the case - just don't get too down on yourself or excited about them clicks or lack of clicks yet.---

Hope this helps!  If so then please let me and any other readers here know about it down below... and just one more thing… remember you are a IMer, not a blogger, no tip here other than that. Blogging is about developing a following; IMing is about business and marketing. You don’t need to think like a blogger to be successful online. You can make a living doing this. Good luck all!

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