March 23, 2011

More On My Making A Living Online Series – Day 15

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 15.

Day 15 – Edit Your Money Articles

If you are following along with this series then you’re still probably backlinking your revenue sharing articles on the article directories as I outlined on my last post: How To Make A Living With Internet Marketing – Day 14. Backlinking all those articles takes some time so keep at it, you need somewhere around 25-50 articles published to send 1-2 backlinks to all 50 of those revenue sharing articles so keep at it.

In the mean time here is a simple task that won’t take nearly as long for you to do. Our main 25 “money articles” at this point have been published for 2-3 weeks now and we’ve probably received a trickle of traffic to these articles by now. Go into your analytics and for each article identify 1-2 keyword phrases that has already brought search traffic to that article. Check your article to see if that search phase appears exactly somewhere in the article and if not add it.

I like to do this by adding a complete paragraph to the article somewhere. Just go into your money articles and add a short paragraph which includes these exact keywords and maybe a couple related terms that you haven’t yet used in the article. Republish the article and then do the same for the other 24 “money articles”. This will take some time but it at least can be accomplished in less than a single day.

While you are at this task make sure to keep on publishing your articles to the article directories to get those revenue sharing articles of your backlinked and ranking better. Remember, the more you do the better. They don’t have to be the best articles in the world just make them well written with a solid point or two and maybe a little personal commentary on the topic. Keep at it and good luck!

FYI – In case you don’t get it the purpose of editing your money articles like this is to milk the low hanging fruit while the articles are still new and ranked poorly. This is a good task that can give you a break from article directory submissions… just don’t stop doing the directory submissions. Remember, keep at it. This is work, we’re trying to make a living at this, you can’t expect to make a living without doing some work.

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