March 7, 2011

Starting To Make A Living Online - Day 4

To continue with my series: How To Begin Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 4.

Day 4 – Backlink Stacking Helps A Ton
Back on day two you should have opened accounts at SheToldMe, InfoPirate, and possibly some other bookmarking places. Bookmarking etiquette dictates that you don’t use a single bookmarking site to only bookmark one other site so take this opportunity to bookmark some of your original 20 articles from day as well as the 10 backlink articles you published yesterday.

When bookmarking make sure to use substantially identical titles or very similar titles as the post you are backlinking and make sure to use your keywords in the 50-100 words you use in the bookmark. Use the bookmark tags to add about five long tail keywords relating to your bookmark.

On this day you should bookmark all ten of your backlink articles from yesterday. This is link stacking as described by my friend Jade and as described in even more detail by Allyn Hayne of Blogger Illustrated on his post Introduction To BackLink Stacking (seriously - read his blog).

You will probably also backlink some of your original articles (from day 1) and possibly some of your free blog posts from Blogger and Weebly (if you set these up already).

FYI – these bookmarks will make you only small amounts of money but they will more importantly build some authority to your main backlink articles from day 3. They are important in the long run and they help you build authority while still starting slow. Do it.

That’s it for day 4. Check back in tomorrow for day 5 and let me know in the comments if you don’t understand anything. I’m trying to be brief and to the point – it’s kind of hard for me. :)

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