August 31, 2011


For the few of you subscribers to this blog let me say thanks for sticking around. I’ve had a new set of priorities for some time now. If you have followed along I had major surgery in the Spring and then a new baby joined the family in early summer and ever since then my life has revolved around the baby and my day job. My priorities haven’t been online and I’m fine with that.

As many people reading this know eHow stopped paying out royalties in May and then California & Amazon shut the door on Amazon commissions for CA residents at the end of June. Being a CA resident and a recipient of eHow royalty income this cut off a nice stream of revenue out of my business just when I didn’t have the time to commit to my online business due to more pressing priorities – relationships.

Having said that I can still report that August represents the most residual income I’ve ever seen come through the doors. Even taking away two streams of income every other stream has accelerated and I’ve learned to adapt and find new ways to monetize and do business online.

I anticipate an upcoming adjustment to my priorities in the next couple months. Babies sleep better when they get past those first few months and mothers are less stressed at that stage as well. My wife even asked if I thought I could support the entire family on my online income alone. She was thinking about a timeframe of three years from now. :) I said honey, I can do that and I’ll do it much quicker than that.

To those who have kids – I finally understand where you all are coming from. They are the most important things in life. To those without I hope one day you’ll get to enjoy them. To those who are starting out online keep working hard and never quit. I’ve been listening to IBM’s podcast for the last couple months at the incessant recommendation of Pat Flynn and a recent episode I listened to mentioned perseverance being the best quality you can bring to your internet business.

It may seem like success online will never come but I guarantee you that if you stick at it and make your online endeavors a priority in your life one day your spouse or even yourself will realize that all your efforts have led to the greatest freedom of your life. I look forward to the last day of my day job. It’s getting closer every day.

A shout out to different people with very different philosophies which have inspired and taught me over the past few months: Keyword Academy 2.0, Leo Dimilo’s Internet Marketing blog, Lizzie’s Passive Income blog, Dave’s SEO Tips blog, and Felicia’s passive income blog No Job for Mom, Pat at Smart Passive Income, Sterling and Jay at Internet Business Mastery Podcast, and a few others who’s blogs I closely follow.

If you are an old friend from InfoBarrel I hope you’ll say hi and for the rest of you blog readers I hope you’ll stick around as I reprioritize this blog and my relationships online. I may start a new case study for InfoBarrel in September and I should probably do a followup on my niche site duel site which has done quite well as of late.

Say hi in the comments, I’ll be tending to them again.

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  1. Glad to here things are going good for you. Stop by over at Info Barrel some we miss your great forum posts. Take care.

  2. I'll try to head over there more often; I miss the camaraderie and the friends made. Hope you have been havign a good summer.

  3. I was wondering where you have been! I have been using your media strategy successfully and I wanted to thank you. Your help has been invaluable.

    Hopefully you are feeling better and you are enjoying your baby even more as each day goes by. Kids are the best...I love mine to pieces!

  4. You are ever so welcome M3 - I've hit $100 this month on media pages alone. Cool stuff I hope it's helping you out just as much or more.:)

    I'm back at IB now too - see you around for sure.


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