November 4, 2011

How I’m Making The Most Of What I have On InfoBarrel

If you caught my last income report I made mention to the fact that I just had my best month ever on the site despite putting very little effort into it over the past 3 months.

I also noted my November goal of hitting $1000 for the month just on InfoBarrel. This post will start to outline what I’m doing to make this happen.

As always if I fail to hit my goal I will make a new goal in the future… but I don’t want to fail. My bank account needs the income. :)

How I Plan On Making More Money ON InfoBarrel

I plan on making money off of InfoBaarrel in three ways:
  1. I Want To Build More Content On InfoBarrel – This means exactly what it sounds like. I plan on publishing more articles there.

    I originally (5 days ago) planned on publishing a lot more content on the site but I have since decided to publish only a moderate amount of new articles while pushing some of my focus on the next two points.
  2. I Want To Make More Money Off My Current IB Library – This step can be further broken down into two points:
    • Funnel Traffic From Articles To Media Pages – I have a lot of people landing on my articles every day. This is because I have nearly 400 articles published on the domain. Each of these articles makes me some revenue; many of them make money almost every day.

      What I’ve found however is that people love clicking on pictures and the media pages on Infobarrel convert into revenue for me roughly 3 times as much as the article pages. That means if I make $1 on my article it takes a third of the traffic to make $1 on my media pages.

      Put another way; if I can get one third of the traffic to my articles to click through to my media pages I should nearly double my income.

      Now, I don’t believe I can get a third of my visitors to click through to my media pages but if I can get more of them to click through then I will end up with more page views, a lower bounce rate, and more earnings.

      Since I already have traffic this is low hanging fruit and it’s where I’m spending a lot of my time right now.
    • Funnel Traffic From High Traffic Pages To Related Pages With Affiliate Links – This is another play on optimizing the traffic I already get.

      On IB (and any site for that matter) we shouldn’t be looking to stuff affiliate links in every page and we shouldn’t be cluttering our affiliate sales pages with tons of links either.

      I do however have many pages on IB that get good traffic and if I can funnel some of them to my other IB articles that do have related affiliate links I can incrementally increase the page views on these articles and increase the clicks on the links.
  3. I Want To Get More Page Views On My Best Performing IB Articles – Using Google Analytics it’s easy to see which of your articles are getting tons of visitors and only a small amount of Adsense earnings. It’s similarly easy to see which of yoru articles make the lion share of your earnings.

    I have identified a number of my best performing articles on IB and I am promoting them with BuildMyRank (BMR) and with PostRunner.

    BMR is a bit pricy for the average person but it is well worth it for the simplicity of the system. You write 150 words or more, insert a link back to your article, and then publish. You can post between 7-10 per domain per day. Each post gets published on a different aged domain blog full of unique and non-spun or plagerized content and as a result the links have a good effect on the page you are promoting in a pretty quick way.

    I can only post about 8.5 a day of these on average so I’m only doing my best performing articles first. If I can get a bit more traffic to the articles that make the most money per visitor then I should see a notable gain in revenue for my energies spent.

There is something to be said for just writing a ton but a lot of the time it’s worth stepping back and massaging what you already have in place. I plan on massaging profits out of my existing library while slowly starting a new stream of revenue on the site.

A few days ago I thought about writing a good fifty articles on throw pillows over the next couple weeks but now I will probably stretch this publishing theme out over the next 6 weeks or so instead. This spreads myself out so that I can work on all of the three ways of building more IB income instead of just working on one leg.

More Detail On Addresing each Of The Three Legs

In future posts I’ll go over in a bit more detail each of the three legs I’m working on and provide some IB specific tips for both new writers on the InfoBarrel platform as well as experienced writers on the platform.

In the mean time I invite you to reread my article on making money on InfoBarrel using pictures. It’s a core technique that every writer should employ. Last month I made roughly 25% of my Adsense revenue just on the media pages. They are the simplest things to create; you just have to do it.

Just to illustrate in April and May of this year I added a bunch of media pages to some of my existing articles. My revenue from media pages increased from around $30/month in both April & May to around $80/month in June through Sept. Then in October I started adding more media pages to existing articles and I made $127 on those pages in October. It’s amazing what a little work on existing pages can accomplish.

In November if I keep adding media pages I can probably get to $200 a month (if not more) without publishing a single new article. Of course I will publish new articles but the power of media pages can’t be overlooked.

Good luck IB writers.

For those that aren’t with IB – please signup using my referral link – it will make me feel good about myself. If you do sign up then most of the above is pointless to you. Your first order of business is building a mass of articles on the site. Pure publication. Write, publish, repeat. In future posts I’ll discuss the writing process so check back for that.

For long term IB writers I’ll follow up with more detail on optimization and promotion. I already have a post on the topic of using PostRunner. That post is still accurate and worth reading. I’ve promised for a long time a bit more on BMR and although I’ve got a few banners for BMR on my blog I don’t have a page dedicated to discussing the system. I may (or may not) build that page in the near future.

If you want to check out BMR for free then use this link.

If you have tips to improving income on IB, please let us know in the comments below. I’m especially interested in people that have some knowledge about the tagging system there. I’ve not explored to very much.

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  1. Excellent ideas Chezfat, Thanks for sharing. It totally makes sense to become more efficient with what you have while increasing your number of articles. I am interested in being more efficient as I go along. I just have 100 articles online so far, 45 at IB and being a slow writer, I want to maximize my return while giving value to the user. Cheers for the tips. Looking forward to seeing how they do for you. Claire

  2. Great tips especially linking to media pages. It's dull work but it produces results without doing any more writing.

    Another tip you can use to improve your InfoBarrel earnings on articles you already have is to go back and add relevant Amazon links to your articles that get traffic. I have added a few dollars a month to a few articles this way.

    To your success Chez!

  3. Thanks Chezfat, as always just what I needed to see and thanks to Claire for sending me here. Am bookmarking this blog now and will keep looking for more advice about optimising my existing content which is what I want to do right now. Its a great idea and next week begins my media linking, traffic generation, SEO tidy up of my InfoBarrel articles and all of my niche sites. This could not have come at a better time!
    Bright Blessings,


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