August 6, 2012

Don't Blog - Sell Stuff Online Instead

Stop Writing Webpages for the Glory of Google – Sell Something Instead:
via Lost Ball In High Weeds
I still see people struggling to find the perfect niche. In my contrarian mind I believe it to be the wrong struggle. Find something you want to sell then get busy selling that ****er. Stop running around trying to find some groovy niche you can ease into for the glory of Google. Quit trying to be an authority. It ain’t going to happen, pap. Go to Amazon, find three diamond rings over $2K and sell the shit out of them. Go to some health site and find some nut bag full of nutritious weight loss properties that you can get some loser paying for a residual monthly plan.
Splork gets up in your face on this and it's something that I've been slowly getting on board with as of late. Many MMO/IM tyoes are now looking to Amazon Direct Publishing to sell a book. There is no beating around the bush about this. They create a small digital book and sell it. Many are not even building a site to go with it.

I'm working on a small project like this myself. We'll see how it goes but this is the way things are going.

Times are changing but not everything changes. More money is exchanging hands online than ever before. There will always be room for the little guys to make a buck too.

Chezfat Update - I'm slowly going through a transformation online. Expect a good number of site updates to occur in the future. Like many everything I was online has changed a bit over the past year. I am now a full-timer and and doing things differently... but still trying to find my way.

Good luck all.

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