August 6, 2012

Download BackLinks By Date From Google Webmaster Tools

Via Hobo WebUpdate To Google Webmaster Tools – Download BackLinks By Date:
Actually – QUITE a useful update to Google Webmaster tools went live a short moment ago (I think). You can now DOWNLOAD your BACKLINKS BY DATE in your GWT panel – which makes identifying who’s linking to you a bit easier. It might also be useful if you are cleaning up your backlink profile, too.

Before the latest big algo updates from Google a lot of people received unnatural backlink notifications in GWT. I personally don't use GWT nor have I felt the need to do so but for those of you who do maybe this can help you clean up a negative backlink profile... otherwise it's just an interesting tidbit for reference.

Interestingly enough I have no idea what kind of backlinks I have to this site as I've never built backlinks to it at all. If I could see who was backlinking this site I guess I could use it for networking with those who already link to me. That seems like a reasonable idea but I'm sure there are other options for using this info.

If you know of any other good ideas for this info drop a line below in the comments.

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