February 17, 2013

Chezfat's 50 Squids Challenge: 50 Squidoo Lenses In 7 Days

I'm introducing a challenge I'm making to myself publicly here on the blog.

Starting right now I am challenging myself to publish 50 quality Squidoo lenses in the next 7 days.

The goal however is not to just hit the publish button but to actually setup 50 quality lenses that will get traffic and will stay out of WIP permanently on a brand new account. In time - maybe not the first 7 days - they will convert well and make good money.

Obviously without sharing the account or lenses with you you will have to trust me but quite honestly it's not about proof. I am not doing this to prove that I can - I'm doing this for accountability and to shed small nuggets of my process with my readers (however few they may be).

I believe it's entirely possible to do this and make good money in a relatively quick manner and I don't think it requires 24-7 dedication or extreme measures socially to do so.

Due to the nature of my life - full time dad - I don't have the luxury of doing a ton of prose here on the blog but I will update daily with a brief synopsis of my progress.

For those of you in the Pond forums I will share a bit more detail because it's in a more private setting but not too much more - just enough that you may want to follow along in closer detail.

That's it for now.

Over the next 5 hours I will be doing my initial keyword research and will begin the publication process. Expect a short update not too long from now.

Get to work all - there's money to be made!

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