January 24, 2014

My Review of PinWoot: Does It Work And Is It Worth It?

I've officially been using PinWoot for about a week now and in case you are wondering I'm not using it on my Chezfat Pinterest account. I'm using it on a niche account that I setup for an affiliate site I've been slowly building out since early November 2013.

I like to add niche Pinterest accounts to most of my bigger niche sites these days. Some people just create a board on a central Pinterest account but to niche down by site I can get the domain link in the bio to point at my site and get it verified. I can also feel free in that not all of my sites are linked togetehr under one Pinterest acocunt. Keeps things segmented better.

The probelm with doing this however is that once you get the site setup and it goes to "mostly" autopilot mode your Pinterest account sits there with hardly anything on it and very little activity. For this reason I started experimenting with PinWoot.

(but I advise you to read the rest of this post first).

You can use PinWoot without spending  a dollar but I chose after a few days to buy the smallest package they offer. It's $15 and it'gives you some internal credits which they call seeds.

Seeds is your internal currency. You get seeds by repinning other people's stuff, liking other people's stuff, and following other pinners.

You spend seeds by "paying" other people to repin, like and follow you and your stuff. It's a ive and take system.

For free accounts you can pay for repins, likes, and followers but you are capped on how much you can pay. Because you are offering less to other user than you could offer when you buy seeds you get repins, likes, and followers a lot slower.

I ended up buying the smallest package of seeds possible - not for the seeds - I wanted the ability to offer more seeds to other users so that I could get followers and repins faster. I spent $15 and now my account is set for life. I do spend more per action but I can build up more seeds to give away by repinning other people's stuff.

Basically every day I login to PinWoot and repin 10-15 pins to various boards on my account, then I go like a handful of pins, then I go and follow 5ish users and my seed "bank" is refilled. This helps me populate my boards and Pinterest account all while I build up a follower base.

After I get to a desired number of followers I can delink my PinWoot account from my Pinterest account and link it up to a different Pinterest account to get it going.

On my first attempt I linked to my niche account that was almost two month old. I had 13 followers and very little engagement. Within just a few days (less than a week) I now have well over a hundred followers and I'm getting repins every day.

I even spent some seeds on a few specific pins I wanted promoted (likes and repins) to ensure those pins started getting traction on the site.

Doing this for only one week has seen me increase the traffic to my niche site by about 15 unique visitors a day (from Pinterest pins) and I've started getting some clicks on my affiliate links on my site. It's only a matter of time before these clicks turn into earnings. If I were to continue to do this for while longer my numbers would look even better I'm sure.

Overall I'm very happy with my $15 investment into PinWoot and I will be using it on every single niche Pinterest account I setup in the future. At some point I may even use it for this blog but probably not any time soon. I've got a bunch of niche Pinterest accounts to build up first.

As I've stated a few times I decided to pay $15 for expanded use of PinWoot but you can just as easily use it for free - your results will be slower but they will be steady and you'll have less reason to jump back onto PinWoot daily to collect more seeds.

See what it can do for your niche sites. 
As far as the incentive for me to push this product I believe I get seeds for every person that signs up through my link - not cash. I'll take all the seeds I can get though because eventually I want to be promoting lots of different pins and the seeds give me the currency to do so.

Good luck all and do expect me to embellish this PinWoot review in the coming days, weeks, and month to come as I get more experience using the platform. I don't ever get a polished post on the first attempt - they are all WIP. :)

Do you have experience with PinWoot? Please share your best tip for using it below; I want to know what you know.

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