August 31, 2009

eHow Earnings Expectations

It’s month end and I am finishing up my first 15 days of writing for eHow. I figured it would be worth it to put down on paper what my expectations are. After all you can’t have goals without ironing them out.

From what I understand quality eHow writers make around $1 per article per month once their articles mature in 2-3 months time. The best writers I believe earn roughly $2-$3 per article on average. I don’t know how much truth to that there is but it’s what I understand so far. I have written 36 articles over the past 15 days which is about a 70-75 article a month pace. That means that if I keep up my pace my first articles should be mature and earning at full speed by the end of October and beginning of November. Let’s say that I write 70 articles in September and in October; that would put my article count to 175 right as my first articles are maturing. October I should be earning a full $1 per article from my first articles ($36), ~$0.50 per article for my seventy Sept. articles ($35), and say ~$0.10 per article for my seventy October articles ($7). That adds up to $78 of October earnings to be paid around the 10th of November.

This will be my goal as I feel the numbers just make sense. The biggest challenge will be to keep up my article creation pace but I am hopeful that I can do just that and get lucky and cross over the $1 per article plateau to the upside. $1 per article would put January earnings up to around $175 per month or higher if I can do better.

Anyway, all this is to say that I want to achieve the $1 per article per month average and then try to increase it from there. In my goals section on this blog I stated that I wanted to eventually replace my day job with residual income and that of course would be easier to do making upwards of $3 per article instead of $1, but I’ll have to take things in stride and see how it all turns out. For now I’ll continue to lament the fact that I have made nothing at all with any of my 26 articles though traffic is picking up day by day. I’m not even a heavy forum user so I don’t see my traffic numbers increasing because of other eHow users stopping by. I think I’m getting genuine search traffic, the good stuff.

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