August 30, 2009

It Takes Me A While To Craft Articles It Seems

I just posted my first article based on what I know well.  It was not optimized for search via keywords or researched at all.  I knew everything up front and took about half a minute to find a picture for it.  Virtually 100 percent of my time went to writing the article.  It must have been quick for me to write up you'd think.  No; it wasn't It took me exactly one hour.  I don't know what's up with these 20 min writers; they must be glazing over everything.

I write so much more when I know too much about the subject it seems.  The article is very long.  Sure, it's very thorough but it took me a while.  I'll see how it does over the next month or so but I feel that it's more worth my time choosing my topics carefully as opposed to my thought process on article selection.

For reference purposes here is my freshly posted article on How To Throw A Bowling Ball And Make It Hook.

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