April 6, 2010

Case Study For Reducing Insulin Levels

It’s been a while since I did a good case study and this month I’m going to do a major one, an SEO Case Study On Reducing Insulin Levels in fact.

I routinely link to my main blog from this site and in the past I’ve discussed my goals for getting the site ranked for it’s main keywords associated with the title. If you haven’t gone through my archives you can read up a bit on that in my most recent post on the subject titled my SERP Rank Update.

As I obviously want my main blog keywords to rank well I also know that they don’t really command much commercial value. Unfortunately I started this site before I thought to do keyword research. Nevertheless I’ve always intended on developing this site into a large authority site that covers most of the health, longevity, and anti-aging niche so as I work on expanding my keyword authority for the main pages with related anchored links like, how to live a long life, I also am starting to rank many deep pages which have less to do with longevity and much more to do with general health.

I thought that by posting this case study for all eyes here on Earn Residual Income Online this would be a good way to do a few things. I would first be able to teach a bit about what I’m doing to others who haven’t given this much thought. It would also be a way for me to be very structured in developing a page of my main site. This would also be a good way to illustrate that ranking pages in InfoBarrel and making money on them is not that hard and now that eHow is changing so significantly many may wish to put more effort into using InfoBarrel for residual income. Lastly, posting this here helps with building backlinks to the pages involved in this case study.

Why Reducing Insulin levels?
One might guess that this search term is an awesome keyword but I would promptly say that it is not. It is actually just a marginal keyword that is slightly better than one might assume by looking at Adwords Keyword Tool. If you look at the tool you will see that my exact search term “how to reduce insulin levels” only gets about 73 searches per month at a CPC of $0.05. This screams run for the hills. Check out the picture and click it for a larger view.

Despite this however I know that this term gets a bit more than 73 searches per month and I know my clicks are better than that because I have a page that I published on my main blog in May of last year (when I had absolutely no idea what keyword targeting was). Additionally I had no idea that link-building helped an article rank better either but yet this page quickly became on of my blogs first successful pages because people were searching for this term.

Now I don’t want you to think this is an exceptional term because it isn’t. I've only got 112 uniques for this keyword in the past month.  Much better than 73 but hardly anything to pays the bills with.  For months now I’ve hovered in the top three of Google for this term (usually at number 1) and I currently reside in the number 3 spot for it. And even though you can’t get all the searches at number one I’m still getting a good amount of traffic using this search term. See pics.

In fact I didn’t even think to go back and link build for this page for a long time simply because I was already at number one and didn’t expect much out of the page. Early this year or so I decided maybe it was worth backlinking this post anyway because there was obviously more traffic for this term that Adwords suggested and I threw up a few backlinks to the site from: Manage Insulin Levels And Live Longer, How Does Insulin Resistance Develop, The Pancreas and Insulin Production, and Lower Blood Glucose Levels.

I then posted a backlink to the article from Xomba on February 25, using the exact same keyword for the title, How To Reduce Insulin Levels, and then I posted an article on eHow on April 2 with essentially the same keyword, How to Reduce Insulin Levels Naturally. With no backlinking both of these two posts are sitting on page 2 of Google demonstrating that not only is there more traffic for the word but it’s also very easy to rank for. See pic.

What about earnings though. Adwords says the estimated CPC is only $0.05, well again this is not accurate as I can tell from my original post on my blog in May 2008. It’s not like I’m getting tons of money from this but I am getting an acceptable CPC for an un-researched search term, probably in the vicinity of around .40-.50 per click. Why is that you may wonder. It’s because (as far as I understand) the term contains the keyword “insulin levels” which is a commercial term with 1,300 visitors a month and estimated CPC over $1. See pic.

This basically means that though I can’t rank for the good term I can still get the ads for the good term for a long-tail of it which gets a small amount of searches per month. And because the term isn’t that hard to rank for it should be a fairly easy way to make a few bucks... assuming you all don’t go out there and try to outrank me for it. :)

Anyway, because my three articles for this search term ranking in the top 20 all stand on their own, meaning none of them are passing link juice on to the others I feel that there shouldn’t be any problem in getting all three of them on the first page of Google, and possibly four or five. How?

First of all one of my articles, How to Reduce Insulin Levels, the one that has been fluctuating between number 1-3, can easily pass link juice onto another one of my related blog posts, 11 Ways To Reduce Insulin Levels, which is also currently ranking well for the same term, and I might be able to get double indexing for it if I play my cards right. Also, if I write an article in InfoBarrel and have it send dofollow backlinks to all three of the current articles ranking for this keyword then maybe I could get the Xomba and eHow article ranking on page 1 as well.

Today I went and published How To Reduce Insulin Levels on Infobarrel and linked it to the Xomba article and the eHow article. Indirectly the Xomba article has the potential to push visitors through the URL to my main blog page as well because it is a Xomba Bookmark. The IB article has been live for less than a day and it’s already indexed. Keep this in mind guys, InfoBarrel is a quality site with quick indexing.

If you take a look at the following pictures you can see what I did to the Infobarrel article to give it proper on-page SEO, I used the exact keyword title, used the exact keyword a few times in the article with two of them linking the exact anchor text over to my other articles ranking for this keyword and then used variations of the exact keyword in the tags and throughout the article. Check it out. Note the related articles on the right of the InfoBarrel article screen if you head over to the actual article; they’re virtually all mine rigth now so they all pass link juice to one another.

In the coming days I’m going to throw up a few backlinks at this IB article as well as the Xomba and eHow articles and my Insulin Levels and Vitamin K blog post and I’m going to see if I can get all 5 money making articles of mine on page 1 of Google for this keyword over the next month. I honestly don’t know if I can or if it’s worth the effort but it certainly would be cool to see if I can.

Wish me luck and I will definitely provide updates throughout the month.

You can always help out the cause by sending me an anchored link too. Wink, wink.

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  1. Great step-by-step outline for how to increase search traffic. (thanks)

    The image snapshots were very helpful to follow what you were discussing.

  2. Thanks a lot - I almost forgot about this study - I should do a followup post for kicks - I haven't even looked at the results in months.


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