April 7, 2010

Insulin Level Case Study Update

I really want to track this case study on reducing insulin levels closely and report back to you what’s going on. In my last post, yesterday detailing the beginning of this case study I linked to the articles in question and showed you where I was to start off and the post itself was actually a good helping hand in getting everything ranked because the post was on the topic of insulin levels and linked out with one-way dofollow links from a trusted PR3 site to each article I wanted to rank for.

In the last 24 hours some interesting things have happened. My eHow article on reducing insulin levels naturally is now on page one of Google along with my main article, How to Reduce Insulin Levels in 15 Minutes. My Xomba Bookmark on how to reduce insulin has moved up a bit on page two of Google. Also my brand new 1-day old article on InfoBarrel titled, How To Reduce Insulin Levels, which links out to the aforementioned articles is now found on page three of Google! It’s only a day old.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

I also went and edited my post on 11 ways to manage insulin levels (yesterday I was going to try to double index a different post – I switched it up a bit today in retrospect) so that it contains the exact term in the post a couple of times so that it will better rank for the term. By the way, this article is currently found on page 5 of Google for the keyword phrase. Because the keyword isn’t in the title ranking it will be a bit harder however if I go for a double indexing it may be easier than if the post was stand alone.

Page 5

So to get double indexing I went into both blog posts this morning and linked them back to each other using the exact keyword that I want to rank for as the anchor text. Basically both posts use the term “how to reduce insulin levels” to link to each other. Because they both are trusted for this term and rank individually for it they may end up getting double indexing and sit next to each other on page one. I’ll track this and let you know.

Anyway, today, I’m posting this blog post which again links out to all of them and I also posted a new article on GoArticles titled, How Exercise Affects Insulin Levels. This article is not supposed to rank but it does have to be related to the topic and indexed. Obviously it is related and hopefully this link to it will help it with indexing.

If you take a look at the article I used the exact anchor I want to rank for to link to both of my blog posts and to my Xomba article which is currently on page 2. With a little love from the SERPs I may just get double indexing and my Xomba article to page one in less than a month.

For good measure, I’m going to write a couple more articles today and get them posted to send a few more links at everything I want ranked. Again, I’ll update again real soon.

Lastly, remember that this is an easy term with little commercial value, that’s why this is a fairly easy task. It is a very interesting case study however because it is the basis for ranking anything. The difference is that other terms with more commercial value are simply harder to get and take more time and more links.

By the way, I’d love to hear of someone else trying to do a similar SERP rank case study. I’d happily follow along and help you out with a link. :)

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  1. This is an awesome case study. My blog has been ranking well for a number of key words, but I noticed I was getting hits from the phrase "bullion producer". I just about fell of my chair when I found out one of my blog posts is #1 on Google for that phrase! It is not a highly searched keyword and is not worth anything in adwords but still I was not even really trying. So yes it is possible to rank for keywords and rank well.

    I've linked the article in question and added the term to my name for good measure - got to protect that #1 spot.

  2. Haha, that's awesome, I just Googled "bullion producer" and yup, there you are. I love that you backlinked it too to protect the spot. :)

    Maybe you should start a series interviewing bullion producers and start getting some double-indexing. lol

  3. I don't know what you mean by "double-indexing". I'm running a case study right now targeting "Silver Bullion" by going after related terms like Silver Bullion Producer and Silver Bullion Sources. See my blog for updates.

    I like the idea of doing more interviews... could get attention too with my high SERPs.

  4. http://shetoldme.com/Health/Reduce-Insulin-Levels

  5. Thanks for the links Jade, I answered your question in my most recent blog post. Check it out. You may also note that you currently have double indexing for the term "bullion producer".


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