April 23, 2010

GeoTargeting Memorial Day Weekend - A Case Study

Short post for the day. My insulin levels case study is still ongoing; I just haven’t had much to say about it this week. Waiting for those links to take hold.

For now however I’m testing out another attempt at GeoTargeting San Diego with a very simple guide to Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego over on InfoBarrel.

This post obviously is to get a quick backlink to the article and posting it on IB I plan on taking advantage on their domain authority for quick indexing and ranking.

I’m curious how easy it will be to rank for this keyword which many local people will be searching for in about a month. This is just a test so I’ll report back later with the results.

I’d also like to encourage others to give GeoTargeting a try and let us know about it here in the comments.

In the future I’ll probably send at least 1 or 2 more links to the Memorial Day Weekend post to make sure it’s go some links going into the holiday. I’m also going to set up a single testing channel in Adsense to see what the conversion rate for this one article is out of curiosity.

Good luck with your Memorial Day idea posts.

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