April 14, 2010

Another Insulin Level Case Study Update

It’s been a couple days since I last updated you on my SERP case study on “insulin levels”. In case you haven’t been following along take a look at my posts in order to follow the trail. I first posted on my intentions for this insulin levels case study then provided in insulin level case study update. I then discussed what double indexing is as it related to my case study followed by a short post on purple elephant bunny magic to illustrate double indexing. I also wanted to highlight Jade’s similar case study on silver bullion and related search terms as it is similar to what I am doing here on this blog.

Before I start off I wanted to show that the SERPs can easily be dominated with on-page SEO and backlinks. This is illustrated by the first page of the SERPs for the term “Purple Elephant Bunny Magic”. Jade and I have double indexed three times and occupy the top seven spots for the term and with very little work. Obviously there’s no competition for this term so it’s easy but if you can understand that as the competition increases all you need is more time and more backlinks. This isn’t rocket science.

What About My Insulin Levels Articles?

Now on to something with a little more commercial appeal: “How To Reduce Insulin Levels”. This term as I previously noted in part one of this series is not that commercial and has a little more competition than “purple elephant bunny magic” but obviously has a bit more potential income associated with it as people do indeed search for “insulin levels”.

Over the past two days since my last update my InfoBarrel article on reducing insulin levels has returned to the SERPs and just as I expected it now sits close to the top ten. To be more specific it is now sitting at 17 which is up from 28 just six days ago. I achieved this by posting a few backlinks to this article from here on this site as well as a few other backlink sources, and most recently posted a couple guest posts linking to it from ALA & Insulin Sensitivity, and from Citrus Peel Extract & Insulin Levels.

Also my Xomba article on reducing insulin levels has climbed up to the 11th spot with a few more backlinks and my eHow article on How To Lower Insulin Levels has climbed up to number 7 the heels of new backlinks from five backlinks one of which is this post on the Management of Insulin Levels.

Regarding my double indexing work; it hasn’t happened yet although I did get some love when my main blog article jumped up to the top spot, #1, while my other blog post remains in spot number 13. Hopefully my recent eZines on Insulin Resistance and Controlling Insulin Resistance will help the cause.

All in all I now have all five article in the top 17 spots in the SERPs and two in the top 7. See the pics below to marvel at my slow success in this endeavor.

Also, one last thing to note. I want you to realize what I’m doing here if you haven’t noticed already. I’m not always using exact keyword text as my anchor in my links. I vary it a little for most of them. This is significant because it helps build a broader influence on the article rather than focusing it on only one term. It also is more natural in structure and appears to be less of manipulative and spamy. After all, automated links will never be varied, they are all identical. You don’t want that.

In the coming days I’m going to add a few more links to the mix and start working on getting the last three of my articles onto the front page. I’m going to use a similar strategy as I’ve used thus far relying on a few more guest posts most likely.

Good luck to you all in creating your own residual income streams!

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