April 12, 2010

Double Indexing Insulin Resistance

Regarding my recent case study on the search term “how to reduce insulin levels”, I wrote in my last post that I hoped to get double indexing for the term on my main blog. One of my readers, JadeDragon (who has decided to try a similar case study for the term “silver bullion producer” over at his blog) brought the question up of what is double indexing? I suppose I’ve never talked about double indexing here on this blog so I thought I’d explain it a little and provide a bit of an example.

Double Indexing
Simply speaking double indexing is when you search for a term and two pages appear for the same site on the first page of the SERPs one right after the other. This happens when two pages on the same site both individually rank well for the term and they are both pointing links at one another using essentially the same anchor text. See the picture below for an example of double indexing from my main blog.

As an example, the two sites I want to get double indexing for are my main post How To Reduce Insulin Levels in 15 Minutes and my other post on the many ways reduce insulin resistance naturally. If you were to look at both posts they each link to each other (among others) creating a circular reference. Also they both rank well for the search term “How To Reduce Insulin Levels” and so getting a double indexing “hopefully” is just a matter of time.

In my last post on this insulin level case study I showed how my main post ranked 3rd and the other post ranked 47th, well after posting links to those pages from my PostYourOwn article on Managing Insulin Levels, and from my eZine article on controlling insulin resistance these two blog posts now rank 2nd and 13th in the SERPs and should be much more likely to double indexed in the near future.

Anyway, to conclude this short post I’ll update the rest of my case study. I posted a few more articles over the past few days on insulin sensitivity (via a guest post), and managing insulin as well as a few others. These will all eventually move everything up the SERPs. Last night I had all five articles in the top 20 and right now I have two in the top 10, four in the top 20, and 1 which has seemingly dropped out of the SERPs totally. My InfoBarrel post on how to reduce insulin levels is currently MIA however this often occurs for short periods of time during the SERP placement phase. I expect it to come back probably close to the top 10 in a week or two at most.

Lastly please share if you are going for double indexing; these are fun experiments to watch and shoot for. And if you don’t have good SERP placement in the first place you can still experiment by simply going for a ridiculous phrase where there’s no competition. There may be no commercial value to the ranking but learning how it’s done may be worth it. Shoot for double indexing in something like “purple elephant bunny magic” or something equally ridiculous. I’m sure you can get the double index with that. :)

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  1. Cool thanks for the explanation and the link. For the term "Silver Bullion Producer" I just checked and I'm now double indexed in spots #1 & #2 + 5 more results for my blog on a dropdown.

    Also double indexed for spots #3 & #4 with my forum. I've got #5 with Xomba. Than double indexed with yousaytoo for spots #6 and #7 + 5 more articles on a drop down. Finally one of my shetoldme bookmarks holds spot #9.

    Also now have spot #17, #28 and my friend's Squidoo lens has #30 with his contribution to the experiment.

    When I started I was not on the radar for the search term Silver Bullion Producer at all.

    Will this page join the SERPs for Silver Bullion Producer?

  2. Oh and I checked-you are #1 for purple elephant bunny magic. Maybe I'll try to unseat you later from your high and lofty spot.

  3. Them's fighting words. :) Nobody will take me down for purple elephant bunny magic!

    I noticed all your double indexing too; you are all over the place in the SERPs. You're just dominating those terms. I also noticed that silver bullion dealer is the only one with commercial value per an Adwords analysis. You are right to go after that one next.

    Keep on dominating those words and you will be able to start challenging some of the highly searched ones like silver bullion and the like.

  4. Sorry man, I took the top spot from you for now anyway.

  5. Haha, you are right - I must acquiesce. :)

    I suppose this shows us that Xomba's domain authority is better than my chezfat.blogspot.com authority. Even for nonsensical phrases. I guess I could link build but hey; you are the King.

  6. Note I'm using your blog to build authority links to outrank you. I checked this AM and Xomba has #1 & #2, my STM has #3 & #4, your blog has #5 and the other post is MIA. I'm sure it will shift around again.

    For "Silver Bullion Producer" my original #1 is off the first page, but I've got 7 out of 10 spots on the page. Turns out you really can mess with Google.

  7. Currently I see your Xomba in #1 followed by Xomba Tags in #2. Your SheToldMe is #3 followed by SheToldMe Related in #4. Then my blog occupies #5 & 6.

    I did notice you backlinked your Xomba article from you're blog's sidebar. And then backlinked your blog via my comments with the phrase "Purple Elephant Bunny Magic" but I think the simple fact that your Xomba SheToldMe article with nobacklinks (that I no of outranks my blog shows that you can't take for granted the power of established domain authority.

    I suppose I could whip up an InfoBarrel on the topic and backlink both of my blog articles and see where that puts me.

  8. When reading your prior post, I had never heard of term "double indexing" so I pulled up Google and typed in "double indexing" to learn more.

    Your InfoBarrel article came up on Page 1 (6th) screaming the headline "Purple Elephant Bunny Magic". No kidding!

    And... for grins... I searched and your blog was back on page 10 of the SERP.

    Would have been ironic to see you double indexed on the term "double indexing".


    ps: Why the "P.E.B.M." article was so interesting to me is that while reading your InfoBarrel article, you and Jade and Travis captured my attention (and I'm sure other readers attention) to your knowledge base about SERP and drew me to want to go to each of your sites to read more. What may have started as a Case Study on SERP in reality captures eyeballs from Search Engines. Well done and informative!

  9. Wow, thanks a lot for the comments - you're making me blush. :) Funny thing is the SERPS are constantly in flux for the PEBM keyword but I never thought to track the term "double indexing". I'll have to keep an eye on that.


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