April 12, 2010

Purple Elephant Bunny Magic

In my post this morning Jade informed me that I indeed was already ranked number one for Purple Elephant Bunny Magic. If you haven’t been following along this post kind of ties into my little series I have going on here on SERP placement, double indexing in Google, and of course, getting "purple elephant bunny magic" double indexed just to do it for fun.

My goal with this post is to really just kind of fill the page with miscellaneous banter about double indexing and SERP rank and to make plenty sure that I get this post indexed for the term purple elephant bunny magic. I will then take the term and link it to my last post on purple elephants (see above) and then take that post and link it back to this one on bunny magic using the same exact anchor text.

My goal here is to double index the term so that the millions of people search for purple elephant bunny magic every day will find this blog via these two posts and I can turn those visitors into a significant residual income stream for years to come. Not sure how I’ll do it with the term but hey; it’s all in good fun. :)

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  1. Sorry Brian, I'm #1 in the Purple Elephant Bunny Magic Kingdom. You got your double indexing though.

  2. Just did a followup search and found that a site called seoedition dot com has stolen one of my articles that used the Purple Elephant Bunny Magic phrase. I'm none too pleased and I've complained to Google about them (lots of adsense). There may be commercial value yet.

    We are both page 2 for "purple elephant" now.

  3. Very interesting - I wonder why someone would take the time to steal an article like that. Puzzling. In my data center we're both on page three for "Purple elephant" and page one for "bunny magic". I never did overtake your Xomba post for the whole term though. :)

    My insulin case study is lagging a bit; I've only got three of the top ten for my keyphrase... although the lagging two articles are ranked 11 & 14.

  4. We still dominate page one for the search term, but check out how this article uses the term as an example: http://www.omarkattan.com/2011/02/04/double-indexing-one-seo-goal/

    Almost sounds like something I wrote...

  5. Ohh how funny! I love how he busted this search term out to give it a try, I wonder if we're going to have more competition now. :)

    Actually of more interest - I'm wondering how my ranking for this term may be effected by my recent switch to chezfat.com. Right now the SERPs still show my site in the results page as chezfat.blogspot.com. We'll see if I hold #1 ranking once G catches up to the new addy.


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