July 16, 2010

Targeting Cheap Car Insurance – Is It Possible

I recently started branching out in my keyword targeting as I’ve decided to try my hand at the cheap car insurance arena. I know the niche is saturated and quite difficult but I figured hey, why not give it a go. I recently wrote a few posts over on IB titled: cheap car insurance for young drivers, cheap car insurance for 17 year olds, car insurance for young female driversinexpensive car insurance, and cheap car insurance for women.

These posts are simply good general advice articles on how to get the best prices for insurance. They are definitely not bad content but in time I imagine I will try and edit the posts to make them continually better.

In the mean time I started trying to decide a good way to get some quick lower quality dofollow backlinks from domains other than Wordpress, blogger, and InfoBarrel. I’m trying to get hooked up with SheToldMe but the signup process is approaching week 6 for me so I signed up for an account with Posterous and started my Chezfat Posterous blog.

It’s basically a blogging service like blogger but even more simplistic in nature. I type up my short post in my email and hit send. About five seconds later it posts to the site automatically and the formatting even looks pretty good too.

Anyway, as a way of “social bookmaking” for the backlinks I’ve started posting these little 100-150 word ditties over there and sending backlinks to groups of related articles. My recent post over there was on cheap new driver car insurance and obviously sent backlinks to the same three articles I linked to above. Check it out and make your own if you want some more easy backlinks. Just make sure to get your Posterous blog indexed by throwing a backlink or two at it just like you should have done backlinking your profiles to your article directory listings. Wink.

For even more backlink sources check out The Keyword Academy which I use and believe in wholeheartedly. There is also a link for this in the upper right hand side of this page.

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  1. Good luck on the tough car insurance niche. I've linked (through my name) a list of other social bookmarking sites I use.

  2. Thanks Jade, we'll see how it goes.


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