December 7, 2010

InfoBarrel On Yahoo - News Release

Just a quick post for the night.  I've had a number of InfoBarrel related posts go live on this blog over the past few weeks and that hasn't really been my goal.  This isn't going to be an InfoBarrel only focused blog but right now it is currently the focus of my efforts.

I have been spending time on a number of different sites, adding monetization to sites I've been on for a while and experimenting with other sites but currently InfoBarrel has been my main focus so I thought it was particularly cool to see this news release published over on Yahoo regarding InfoBarrel's latest milestone.

Just a couple days ago IB had it's 50,000th post published and it is cracked through the Alexa 6,000 rank.  The site is growing and and this InfoBarrel article published on Yahoo is just a small demonstration of that growth.

Ryan the owner of InfoBarrel published this article and it highlights the perks of IB as well as the reasons why the site is such a great place to hang out and learn - the community.  It's what Phil said in his guest post a couple days ago.  Nowhere else is there a greater mix of people who are focused not only on themselves but also on the task of helping everyone else.

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