December 4, 2010

Making More Money With InfoBarrel - Help Others And Help Yourself

The following is a brief guest-post from Philtrate over at InfoBarrel - like my previous guest-poster Phil is relatively new to InfoBarrel as he started writing there in June 2010.  He has been a prolific writer there at times and contributes a ton of material in their forums.  I'm happy to share with you his perspective on InfoBarrel at this stage in his time there.  You can also catch Phil over on his blog on SEO Article Writing.

I write a lot of articles for a website called InfoBarrel. I commend this site to you in the strongest possible terms. It has the best earnings proportion of any of article revenue share site I have come across.

I earn 90% of the ads on my 150 articles every month and it is easy for everyone to earn the same.

I have tried other platforms and they just seem unnecessarily complicated.

InfoBarrel gives me two contextual in-body links to whatever website I choose, including affiliate links. I get another two links in my signature file, and I can have an unlimited number of signature files, so effectively I have four links for every article I write.

When I started writing at Info Barrel in June I knew very little about writing articles. I joined the Info Barrel forum and I strongly suggest you do the same.

I introduced myself and read a lot, contributing where I did not feel too stupid.

In most forums the old hands deliberately make any newbies feel inferior. At Info Barrel every new forum user is welcomed.

There is a different philosophy at InfoBarrel than you will find at most article submission sites. The philosophy here is a cooperative one. Everyone wants to grow the website and to encourage good writers because they take the attitude that by helping others, they help Info Barrel grow, so in effect, they are helping themselves.

Help others and, incidentally, help yourself.

Compare that to the back-biting that you will find in every other article writing forum. New people sometimes ask “Why is everyone here so nice?”

The people who contribute in the forum are mostly top InfoBarrel writers. Maybe they are such prolific writers who earn a fair return for their articles, month after month, because of what they have learned in the forums.

These writers pass on every writing and promotional tip they know. Why do they do that? Help others and, incidentally, help yourself.

Nobody is ever above learning. New members are welcomed partly from self-interest, too. Every new person who posts in the forum has unique knowledge. We all benefit from that knowledge, so we all encourage new members to contribute and to share what they know.

Thanks to Phil for his InfoBarrel Review - If you haven't given the site a try I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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