November 19, 2010

Earning a Few Dollars While Writing for Info Barrel

In past blog posts I've discussed my experiences on InfoBarrel - see My InfoBarrel Experiment and my InfoBarrel Review - and I have even been featured as an InfoBarrel Success Story - see Chezfat Featured on InfoBarrel Success Stories - as I have done quite well over there since the beginning of the summer.

As some of you may know I routinely publish my monthly earnings reports over on IB and they show that I am starting to make good money on that site... and that income is growing consistently month after month - but that is coming from a member who has been writing for InfoBarrel for more than a year now. I feel that it's important to tell the story of someone who is coming in fresh and that's why I invited Freedom to tell his story.

The following is a guest post by a fellow writer at InfoBarrel going by the name freedomw. He has only been writing at InfoBarrel for a couple months and is scrapping it out, learning as he goes, and earning a few dollars throughout the process. Here is his story. It is typical of many content writers in the very beginning - and it was what I experienced my first few months of writing as well.


Hello Brian’s followers and casual visitors of this blog, my username on Info Barrel is freedomw. He invited me to write a post on his blog.

For the month of October 2010, I made a breakthrough by having 806 page impressions according to Google Adsense. That’s an average of 26 for each day in October.  It also showed that I received 12 clicks and earned $3.46. All the statistics are pertained to my articles on a unique and pleasant website, Info Barrel, which lets me write about almost anything I want. I could even write about products to sell at Amazon and Zazzle and place two links on each article with my referral codes on them.

For Chitika, I didn’t earn anything. It is sad that I didn’t receive any clicks while getting 1264 page impressions. It is actually really sad.  Furthermore, I was finally approved by the company on October 3.

By the way, how in the world did I get more page impressions on Chitika versus Google?

I still can’t believe that I was able to sell four products from Amazon.  They are inexpensive, and therefore I’m sure the buyers won’t return their items.  I made a total of $2.02 from having a 4% commission.  The purchased items are not the ones that I am promoting as an affiliate marketer.

As for some tips on how to make money selling products as an Amazon Associate, I gathered some information from a thread that the person with the pen name LilBlackDress started.

September 2010 was a horrible month for me compared to what other Info Barrel members made. I just had 502 page impressions (average of 16 each day in September) with only one click.

August 2010 was a very tranquil month for a lot of Info Barrel members.  I received only 274 page impressions.  One of the staff members said that the eighth month of the year is the slowest.  He got that information from marketing meetings that he attended; he said it on the forum for Info Barrel.

I wouldn’t be surprised if November turns out to be a bad month for me.  Last year, I heard people were not consuming right away because they were willing to wait for better deals to come along. I anticipate the same will happen this year because the American economy is just moving steadily.

Another good reason for me to see minimal amount of earnings in November is because I only have 80% Adsense share. I already have written five holiday articles.  I achieved less than twenty points for the monthly contest on October.  It’s a long story why I slacked off last month. This month I’m definitely aiming to get 90% of Adsense for December. I heard the retailers earn 25% of their sales occur during the busy shopping season. Thus, I plan to write another post sometime after December.

I definitely hope you will leave a comment about this blog post. Better yet, sign up to write about non-fictional subject matters that you want to share with others. Maybe you just want to express yourself by writing, and you don’t care how many people read them.


Thanks Freedom for sharing your story. And a little lesson for anyone that may not get it. In this article Freedom linked to his own profile page on IB in this article, which will help his authority on that page rise. That will in turn give more indexing power and search engine authority to every article he ever writes and publishes on InfoBarrel because each article he writes is linked to from his profile. Building authority to your profile pages helps in the long run and it's something I wish I would have done more of from the very beginning. Good luck to you Freedom, let us know when you start feeling like bragging about your progress.

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  1. Good article covering Freedoms progress on his starting journey and learning progress to earning money with infobarrel.

    Keep at it and your earnings will continue to grow each month. cheers Eileen

  2. This was a good read. I wish you the best of luck freedom! You'll be surprised when earnings start picking up and how they just kind of snowball month after month. Keep at it!

  3. Very nice. Cool to see your progress Freedom. Nice of you to invite a guest post Chez.

  4. Yeah, to echo the other commenters I wanted to send a shout out and big thank you to Freedom for his accomplishments so far.

  5. Good on you Freedom! I'm also fairly new to IB and wish to be as successful as some of you there. Cheers.


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