November 1, 2010

Chezfat Featured On InfoBarrel Success Stories

I know many of my readers know that I’ve migrated to InfoBarrel and have been using this site significantly over the past few months as my primary site of choice for making money online. Well, during the month of October I did a lot of tweaking to my Longevity blog and increased my revenue there. I also started building more content on HubPages with the intent of monetizing the site but also (more importantly) as a way of sending some quality backlinks to my InfoBarrel articles. BTW - you may want to read this on how I get many of my guest posting backlinks.

I also have started making some money on a number of other sites online – both owned by me and modeled in the revenue share context. And lastly, I was asked by Ryan McKinsey of InfoBarrel to be featured as a success story on their official blog. You can see here for the Chezfat Success Story blog post for the full interview - you can even see my pic. :)

After I made this push to improve my InfoBarrel Income, as you can see in my InfoBarrel Review post a few months ago here on this site and then posting all my InfoBarrel Earnings on the site for all to follow along with, I started to become quite active on he IB forums. I have been trying my best to learn from others while helping as many people as a I can. I have to say it has been a joy to get to know so many good people in this environment and my financial successes have been nice too.

So for anyone out there following along on my residual income journey I’ll let you in on a little something. I made $10 on InfoBarrel in June and increased that to $337 in October. In four months of work I built a $337 a month passive income stream which should continue no into the foreseeable future. If you haven’t yet given InfoBarrel a try, let me invite you to join InfoBarrel today and give it a shot. Just make sure to say hi and I’ll do my best to help you out as you go.

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  1. Congratulations, Brian! What an accomplishment. :)

    I'm probably going to use InfoBarrel to help with backlinking my 3 niche sites for the Niche Site Duel, along with other content sites.

    But that's amazing progress for only 4 months. How many InfoBarrel articles do you have up?

    As always, best of luck with all your endeavors!


  2. Oh never mind. I see that you put the number of published articles in your earning report. :)

    Amazing. I'm sure you motivated dozens! I know it's definitely motivating for me.



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