January 5, 2011

Does Trend Marketing Work – I’m Running a Brief Experiment to Find Out

I’ve posted a lot recently on making money on InfoBarrel and on my Niche Site and how using PostRunner by the Keyword Academy can help dramatically in your SEO efforts but today I wanted to introduce a public experiment I’m trying on Trend Marketing. Mostly I want to find out if trend marketing works and if so how to use trend marketing in the overall scheme of things.

If you head over to YouTube you might have come across the new internet viral video sensation of Ted Williams who is otherwise known as the Homeless Guy With A Great Radio Voice.

Basically a random guy (a passing by driver) read this homeless man’s sign which said he had a great voice. Once the driver realized he really did have a great radio voice he picked up a camcorder and recorded the homeless man doing radio spots in his voice. After posting the video on YouTube the video promptly raked up around 4.5 million views in just two days and now the homeless man is an instant celebrity.

Because I’ve never taken part in trend marketing or social marketing because of the lack of targeted traffic I usually pass by stories like this like normal people – amused and interested but nothing more. Today however I decided to use this situation to learn a little more about trend marketing and how it may or may not be able to fit into my overall plan.

The link above points at a recent article I published to InfoBarrel on this situation. The article is marked as a charity article but I did add an affiliate link to Amazon in my signature to see if I can track approximately what kind of CTR an article like this may be able to generate. Yes this means the article is totally for charity but it is mostly to learn from.

Anyway, I will be posting more updates on what I learn over on the IB forums as well as here on the bog so if you haven’t signed up for IB I recommend you do so because I suspect sites like IB make trend marketing much easier than posting articles like this on a traditional blog. The domain of IB is probably stronger than your own blog domain so your article will rank quicker while the trend is still strong – time will tell but this is my opinion at least for now.

And as always if you are reading this blog then you are probably doing some article writing or article marketing of your own – if you haven’t yet considered using PostRunner as a member of the keyword academy let me plug my article discussing this technique once again. This technique can help you maximize your efforts and see results faster. Read my long review on Using PostRunner For Backlinks for more info.

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