March 20, 2011

Chezfat Is Getting Social – Join Me On Twitter

Over the past month I have been slowly implementing more conventional “blog” features into my blog here. Not long ago I implemented my own custom domain to get off the old dot blogspot domain and a couple days ago I switched over to a new template which is better for comments as my readership is starting to grow.

Today, I spent a good period of time setting up Twitter and implementing it into my template. I’ve got a Twitter feed for my longevity blog setup so I have a slight background for knowing how this works but even still I’ve never really been active on it.

I used a lot of guidance from Amanda over at BloggerBuster on how to implement a Tweet this post link in the bottom of all my posts. She’s got a lot of Twitter advice for Blogger publishers on this page: Twitter Tools For Blogspot Blogs. If you are hosting a site on Blogspot then her site is a goldmine.

Anyway, feel free to connect with me there on the big T and I’ll do my best to figure out optimal Twitter use and etiquette. We’ll see how quickly I can “get social”. :)

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