March 14, 2011

Making A Living Online With Internet Marketing - Day 10

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 10.

Day 10 – More Web 2.0 Backlinks

In yesterday’s post I discussed the importance of mining your early analytic data for keywords which are driving the very first long-tail search traffic to your money articles. In that post: How To Make A Living Online With Internet Marketing I noted that of your 20 money articles there should be about five keywords that have obviously shown as candidates for driving traffic – even if it is an incredibly small amount of it.

If you are following along with action then you should have posted five more money articles yesterday (bringing you to 25 total) using those keywords and interlinked them with your other money articles ranking for the same search queries. Today we are going to write five more articles on the same keywords but post one to each of the five revenue sharing sites: Posturown, HubPages, InfoBarrel, Squidoo, and Snipsly.

Always Remember To Interlink Articles
As always, when publishing to the Web 2.0 properties make sure to interlink them contextually with your other published articles and also make sure to send properly anchored links from them to your two “money articles” using the exact (or very similar) keyword string as your anchor text. The goal here is to get two money pages ranking for these small keywords in addition to the Web 2.0 page you are writing and publishing today.

Quick And Easy Backlinks
Once you get all five posts published then take some more time to arbitrarily choose some more published articles to submit to IMAutomator and backlink some others in random order to the revenue sharing bookmark sites SheToldMe and InfoPirate.

Expectations To Keep In Check
Again, these bookmarks aren’t going to be big earners nor are they going to be especially strong backlinks but they will continue to help with marginal improvement in SERP ranking and indexing and will get a trickle of income while your pool of real money articles continue to mature.

You could always do more but for one day this should be just fine for a beginner. Good luck with all your work and as always, do not ever expect amazing results in mere days – always expect results months out instead. You may start getting a trickle of clicks or sales but remember the work you are doing today is all about generating income many months from now.

Leave your comments below and start getting to know each other – discussions amongst groups of people is far more interesting than dissertations from me. See you tomorrow with day 11.

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